Image Credits: You Choose - Youth Road Safety Facebook Page.


On Monday the 19th of April Melissa McGuiness visited Parkes and Forbes to present an information session regarding Road Safety and young drivers.

Melissa and her husband Peter are parents to 3 children. One of them, Jordan, an 18 year old boy, who passed away in 2012 in a horrific car crash due to being under the influence of alcohol and drugs while speeding. Jordan crashed into a stationary vehicle, killing himself as well as 4 young victims.

After this tragic event, Melissa decided to use the experience and knowledge to help teach young drivers the dangers and consequences of reckless driving.

Melissa travels to schools around Australia to present her story to students, teachers and parents.

Responses from students are usually profoundly emotional. Melissa has found that after most presentations, young people will seek her out and thank her as well as share their insights and thoughts.

The school’s and parents understand that the story is rather confronting for some young people but it’s important to expose them to real life lessons and consequences. Especially regarding driving as it is such a large responsibility and can carry so many repercussions.

When Melissa presented to Forbes High, many of their students related and know someone that has died as a result of youth road trauma. Each of these students now learning to speak up and call out their peers and their community when encountering reckless driving.

Image Credits: You Choose - Youth Road Safety Facebook Page.

Image Credits: You Choose – Youth Road Safety Facebook Page.

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