Water Meter readings will begin in Condobolin and across the Lachlan Shire from 30 January. They will be undertaken by by Skilltech who has a team of experienced metering professionals. Image Credit: Lachlan Shire Council.


Water Meter reading is about to commence in Condobolin and across the Lachlan Shire.
Readings have been delayed due to restricted access to properties across the Shire during the 2022 flood event.
“The first reading for this year will commence on 30 January and will be undertaken by Skilltech who has a team of experienced metering professionals,” a statement from Lachlan Shire Council on Tuesday, 24 January said.
“It is acknowledged that the delay has not been ideal, and we understand that residents may have concerns regarding the double reading.
“However, to assist water users, an additional one-month payment extension has been allowed.”
Lachlan Shire Council General Manager Greg Tory said, “Should you be unable to make full payment please contact Council’s revenue team to discuss payment options that may be available. I would like to remind residents that you can also make regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to cover your future water accounts which helps with household budgeting.”
“Council has also implemented changes to the billing cycle and residents are advised that water notices will now be issued three times per year, not four as in previous years,” the statement went on to say.
“Please ensure your water meter is easily accessible as Skilltech will be conducting the readings on weekdays and over the weekends.”
As a resident, there are several things you can do to assist our readers and ensure their safety:
•Lock up your dog/s – if there are unrestrained animals on your property our readers will not enter.
•Clear space around your water meter so it is easily accessible.
•Provide access to your water meter
If you would like further information, please contact Lachlan Shire Council on 02 6895 1900 or email council@lachlan.nsw.gov.au

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