Father Brian is getting excited about his Walk for Christ across the Trundle and Condobolin Parishes in April. Image Credit: Melissa Blewitt


Compiled by Anne Coffey

It is 137 kilometres from Albert to Bogan Gate via Fifield and the Reverand Brian Schmalkuche is planning to walk every one of them on the 19th and 22nd of April.

Father Brian says he has been the Anglican Priest in the Trundle Parish for 9 years but is planning to retire in February 1922.

Over that 9 years he has done the walk several times, but this will be his last walk to spread the Word and share the faith with his parishioners along the way. He will set off on the 19th of April from Albert and end on the 22nd at Bogan Gate.

As well Father Brian is planning to walk from Trundle to Condobolin on the 29th and 30th of April. He has served the Condobolin Parish for over seven years and says “these people have so blessed me with their understanding, care and great love.

“This is my final year in Parish ministry, retiring in February 2022. So my ‘Swan Song’ if you like will be to Walk 4 Christ from Parish to Parish – a distance of 61 kilometres. This is the second crossing from Parish to Parish by me on foot. I know my intimation was not to do this again, but I think ‘White Line Fever’ has struck again and I am now so looking forward to it.

Father Brian says the walk will commence at St Augustines Church, Trundle at 7.30am on 29th April 2021 and conclude at All Saints Anglican Church, Condobolin mid-afternoon 30th April 2021. After the walk he says “we will have dinner together and a raffle night.”

Father went on “A short explanation of this ‘Mission’. Firstly, to pray for every property, business, and family that I pass. Secondly, to mailbox a prayer where ever I can. Thirdly, to invite anyone to walk with me for a ‘time or a distance’ on any of the two days, giving me an opportunity to listen carefully to your stories, and faithfully pray at length for those stories to have a very happy ending. I am sure, by what is written here, you can feel my excitement.

“You all will remember so well the bright ‘Red Tee Shirts’ that I have worn on each Walk and sold on the trek each time. Again, I will be walking in these. However, I have struck another ‘Tee Shirt’ as a collector’s item which will display Walk 4 Christ 2021 on the front, and the same Walk for Christ blue boots, plus the road map on the back. (I cannot wait to show them to you all).

The Condobolin Parish and myself will be ever grateful for your sponsorship. I have actually designed Sponsorship Forms this time and thank you in advance for your prayers and generous support.

The postal address is PO Box 148, Condobolin, 2877. The telephone number is 0418 299 734.

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