Many locals took the opportunity to take part in the Condobolin Junior Rugby League Fishing Competition over Easter.
There were lots of entries and it appeared as if the magnificent Murray Cod were on the bite.
There were a lot of entries recorded around the 40 centimetre to 60 centimetre mark.
All entrants abided by NSW Fisheries rules and regulations. Prizes were given for Biggest Cod, Biggest Perch, Biggest Carp, and Heaviest Bag of Carp. This was a catch and release competition.
A presentation for the competition was held at the Condobolin RSL on Sunday, 9 April.
In the Family category the Biggest Cod went to the Schaefer Family, with a 69.5 centimetre beauty. Runners Up were the Grimmond/Cartwright families with a 67.5 centimetre catch.
The Biggest Perch in the Family category went to the Cronin Family, with a fish measuring 41.5 centimetres. The Atkinson family were Runners Up with a 38.5 centimetre fish.
The Brown Family hauled in the Biggest Carp, which measured 72.5 centimetres. There was a tie for second place between the McCarten and Pawsey families, with carp measuring 70 centimetres.
The Heaviest Bag of carp went to the Flick family, who managed to catch 55.75 kilograms of the river pest. The McCarten family also lent a hand in removing the carp from the river, bagging 47.65 kilograms.
The Williams and McCarten families tied in the Red Fin section, both catching 32 centimetre specimens.
The McFadyen family were the only ones to nab a Catfish, with it measuring 47.5 centimetres.
In the female category, Tyra Wilde reeled in a 70 centimetre Murray Cod, to win that section. Linda Forrester was a close second, catching a 68.5 centimetre Murray Cod.
Maddie Smith caught the biggest carp, which measured 72.5 cenimetres. Linda Forrester was Runner Up, with a 69 centimetre Carp.
Linda Forrester had the heaviest bag of carp, managing to take 44.13 kilograms from the river. Runner Up was Maddie Smith with 29 kilograms.
In the male section, Ken Ritchie was lucky enough to catch the biggest Murray Cod, which measured 77 centimetres. Brendan Smith was Runner Up with a fish of 74 centimetres.
Luke Norris caught the biggest carp at 74.5 centimetres. Blake Smith was the runner up with a carp measuring 72 centimetres.
Luke Norris caught a massive 97.37 kilograms of carp, securing the heaviest bag of carp prize. Blake Smith was Runner Up with 43.1 kilograms.
“A big shout out to everyone involved in organising the fishing competition,” a post on the Condobolin JRL Official Facebook Page read.
“Thank you to the Condobolin Rsl Club for hosting us for the weekend of the fishing competition.
“We hope you all had a great weekend and hope to see you all again next Easter.”

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