Condobolin Library Assistant Abby Grimshaw and Maximus Haworth enjoyed Rhyme Time on Wednesday, 16 March. Participants sang The Balloon Song, the ABC Song, and Incy Wincy Spider and a number of other rhymes and songs on the day. Image Credit: Melissa Blewitt.


Younger children can take part in Baby Rhyme Time at the Condobolin Library on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am to 10am.
Children get to sing nursery rhymes and dance. It’s all fun and, the best part is its free!
On Wednesday, 16 March Library Assistant Abby Grimshaw sung The Balloon Song, the ABC Song, Old McDonald, Row, Row Your Boat, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Incy Wincy Spider, Open Shut Them, Hickety Pickety My Black Hen and the Good Morning Song.
The children really enjoyed Incy Wincy Spider.
‘Incy Wincy Spider’ tells of an eight-legged critter, small in stature, that climbs up a steadfast spout, only to be washed away again by the rain. Before doing it all again, seemingly undeterred by the moist setback.
Abby and Rhyme Time participants sang “Incy wincy spider climbed up the waterspout, Down came the rain and washed the spider out, Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, So Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout again.” They also combined hand movements with their singing.
The rhyme is set to a lilting, cheerful melody which follows the ups and downs of the spider in the rhyme. It’s sung in different languages all over the world. The original author of the rhyme and melody is unknown.
For more information contact the Condobolin Library on 6895 2253, or drop into 130 Bathurst Street.

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