Tori Dibble, Psychological Solutions Psychologist that will be visiting Trundle St Patrick’s Parish School on a fortnightly basis.


Trundle’s St Patrick’s Parish School will be continuing to access the valuable service with Psychological Solutions.
Psychological Solutions has a sound reputation in the Central West providing private psychological, mental health and speech therapy services for children, adults and families.
Their clinical staff have extensive training and experience in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health, personal and family issues.
“Together with our Diocesan partnership with Royal Far West, we can now offer students and families an extensive range of support services.” wrote Principal, Mrs Jude Ryan in her weekly Principal Report in the school’s Newsletter.
“On behalf of our school community, I welcome Tori Dibble who will be our Psychologist visiting on a fortnightly basis.”
Source and Image Credit: Trundle St Patrick’s Parish School’s Newsletter.

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