On Tuesday, 18 August Lachlan Children Services practiced what to do in case of an emergency at preschool.

“Three sharp whistles were heard and the children were supported to move towards the gate and make one big line at the before walking to our emergency evacuation point located at the gym,” a post on the Lachlan Children Services Facebook Page read.

“The response from all of the children was fantastic as they listened really well, lined up against the wall and waited for their name to be called by the educators.

“The children were encouraged to put their hand up and call out “here” when their name was called.

“The educators explained that we practice this drill so we all know what to do in case of a real emergency. Miss Alese asked if anyone knew what number to call if there was an emergency and Walker replied with “three 0’s”. Well Done!

“Educators observed all children closely to ensure they were not displaying signs of anxiousness or distress throughout the drill.

“It is so important that we practice the Emergency Evacuation Drill so we all know what to do.”

By Melissa Blewitt.

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