Sophie, Clive John, and Thomas Birkett, Sophie’s mother Karen and father Andrew Burley, Condobolin NSW. Image Contributed.


APCO Australia has begun an intensive and extensive marketing campaign for the Kirovets Premium K-7M 428 HP tractor. The Kirovets is produced in a highly efficient, high-tech factory in St Petersburg, Russia, using the most up-to-date computer design software, laser cutting, and robotics.

A demonstration day held recently at Condobolin, NSW, proved highly successful, with 31 people attending throughout NSW, Victoria, and Qld.

Demonstrated was the fact that the tractor can effortlessly pull a 12 meter two-way Heavy 28 inch disc plough at 9 kph at 1400 rpm with no tyre slip.

One person who test-drove the tractor and plough was Seamus Frawley, from Cowra, NSW, who has been a farmer and a grain harvesting contractor for over 30 years. At present he owns and operates competing brands of tractors, and so is ideally qualified to make comparisons. He observed that the Kirovets have exceptional power at exceptionally low revs — a consequence of which is that it has exceptionally low fuel consumption.

The tractor has a Mercedes – Benz -Daimlier agricultural engine with 1960 NM pull at 1200 rpm with a 12.82L engine- the same engine CLAAS puts in their Class 9 combine harvesters. The Kirovets engine comes with an Australia-wide warranty. Even apart from accredited APCO Machinery service outlets, expert service for the engine can be found anywhere in Australia.

Thomas Birkett, who has previously been the workshop foreman at two farm machinery outlets, and who is the APCO Machinery NSW accredited Service manager at Condobolin, stated, “The tractor pulls great even at low revs and is very easy and comfortable to drive. The vision is very good front and rear and it is a very easy tractor to work on and maintain, “a mechanic’s dream come true.”

“You don’t have to be an electronics technician to work on the Kirovets. Moreover, parts are extraordinarily inexpensive — typically a quarter to a third the price of the competition’s parts. A parts store is maintained at Seymour in Victoria.”

NSW Sales, Service, and Spare Parts Manager Chris Hughes, who is spear-heading the Kirovets sales-drive, declared, “The tractors are exceptionally well priced, and astute early buyers are assured of a very good deal. The Kirovets should cause much grief in the used tractor market. After all, who would buy a used tractor at the going prices when he can get a new Kirovets for not much more, with a 2 year 2000 hour warranty or an extended warranty. 250 hr A service and 1000 hr B services are Capped.

Further demonstration days are scheduled for Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February, again at Condobolin. Interested parties from Queensland, Bourke, Walgett, Forbes, and the Riverina have already given notification of their intention to attend.

APCO Machinery NSW expects to expand its range of offerings in the near-future, including Kirovets with Russian TMZ engines, a 250 hp tractor, and grain chaser bins.

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