Jaci Making A Difference

Jaci Allen’s generosity will help make a big difference in a sick child’s life.
The 12-year-old chopped 20 centimetres off her hair that will be made into a wig for a child who has been affected by cancer on Monday, 18 December.
Sienna Smith, a second-year apprentice at Gallery 104, had the honours of cutting Jaci’s locks.
Jaci said she felt “nervous” but was also “happy” to be helping children who were going through a very tough time.
Jaci’s hair is being sent to Kids with Cancer ‘Wigs 4 Kids’, which is an organisation that prides itself on helping to change a sick child’s life by making them feel more confident. Their partner is Ella Wigmakers, who ensure each wig is carefully matched to the child’s natural colour and style to make them feel more confident.

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