I was lucky enough to be given a grant funded by the North Parkes Mine to run Healing Dot® Art Sessions for the women of our community.
Over the past years this little farming community has gone through so much, years of drought, horrific storms just in time to destroy crops, more drought, the mouse plague from hell and then to top it all off, whilst suffering through all of this, we had two years of Covid lockdowns destroying what little business we had left.
But the most amazing thing is – we coped with it all!
Some people struggled more than others but mostly we focused on the good things we have here in this wonderful little community and helped each other through.
Providing the art sessions was a way I felt I could help. By giving back to the women who carried their families through all this and always put themselves last.
There were several workshops over a couple of weeks to suit the different needs of the women here and we had so much fun … sharing conversations and information and just allowing ourselves to be. The creation of so many beautiful Healing Dot® artworks was a definite bonus!
Healing Dot® artworks are truly special. They have a very calming effect when we touch them and doing this each day gives us a sense of peacefulness and wellness within us. Being able to create our own Healing Dots® on a prepared canvas just takes this experience to a whole new level. It truly needs to be experienced for you to understand just how powerful it can be.
Each time I run a new session I am blown away by the response of the women attending. I love seeing all the different ideas they come up with in their painting.
Each person starts out with the same canvas – just a different colour – and yet the finished works couldn’t be more different! People are amazing.
We just have to stop putting limits on ourselves and allow ourselves to just “do”.
Whether this is creating a painting, a garden, a business, or whatever. Creativity isn’t just putting paint on canvas. It comes in many different forms. I have a wonderful friend who loves to organise offices. That is her creativity coming to the fore. So yes I tell her all the time – she is an artist.
When we embrace our passion … whatever it is or however it displays itself … we become the artist of our own life.
Have a great one!

Story and Images contributed by Cheree Stokes, founder of Healing Dots Movement.