The Nyngan Junior Rugby League Club has been awarded $150,000 from the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government's Stronger Country Communities Fund to improve the spectator experience. "As a proud member of the NSW Nationals who has lived in Barwon all my life, I'm thrilled to see our commitment to supporting regional communities in action." read a post on Annette Turner's Facebook page 'Annette Turner for Barwon'. "Let's show our support and make the most of these fantastic new facilities!" the post concluded. Source and Image Credits: Annette Turner for Barwon Facebook page.


ABOVE AND BELOW: Nyngan’s Fire Station to be Restored to Its Former Glory! Thanks to the funding from the NSW Liberal Nationals Government, $150,000 will be used to restore the Old Fire Station & Antique Fire Engine. A significant piece of local history, the Fire Station will be transformed into a public museum showcasing community treasures. The antique fire engine, a special piece in the hearts of local residents, will be restored to its former glory & become a centre piece of the museum. By investing in the restoration, we are preserving Nyngan’s heritage & sharing it with future generations to come. Source and Image Credits: Sam Farraway MLC Facebook page.

BELOW: Sam followed up with another post on his page, sharing that the Nyngan Christian Community Centre will also be receiving funding. “A pleasure to join Nyngan’s Christian Community Centre to announce more than $216,000 from the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund for much needed community hall upgrades.” read the post. The local hall is a key part of the community and helps to house the Christian Community Centre’s food bank. With this funding the hall will soon have a better space for the group to gather along with upgraded and inclusive toilets, air conditioning and new floors. Source and Image Credits: Sam Farraway MLC Facebook page.

BELOW: Sam Farraway recently visited the Nyngan Museum and was blown away by the rich history it holds! The museum, established in the early 1960s, showcases the cultural heritage of the Nyngan community and the surrounding region. “Some exciting news is that our NSW Liberal and Nationals Government will provide $22,000 to install a new air conditioning system for a comfortable visit all year round.” read a post on the Sam Farraway MLC Facebook page.”Thank you to the dedicated volunteers and staff for preserving and sharing our local history.” the post concluded. Source and Image Credits: Sam Farraway MLC Facebook page.

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