While you have been flat to the boards getting bogged sowing or having a beach holiday (half your luck!) worms may have been silently sucking the best out of your sheep.
We are encouraging producers to identify worm burdens now so we can help you to find the best integrated way of managing them.
Central West Local Land Services are currently offering producers a FREE worm test (valued at $120) and some follow up advice about how to interpret the results. First in best dressed, for a very limited time only!
It has been a wormy spring and summer, and there have been plenty of dead sheep from Barbers Pole Worm in the last month. Sheep and goats can go from healthy to dead in a very short space of time. While Barbers Pole Worm larvae will become less active or infectious on the pasture over winter, they will lay there dormant and wait for spring conditions so you may see issues in Spring or Summer. Best to test and assess the risk now so that you can come up with a combat plan! There are still a few Black Scour Worm issues hanging around too that are worth dealing with as these parasites love winter and will become more active as the weather cools down.
Don’t dilly dally, your sheep are worth too much! Give the Condo District Vet a call to arrange a free test kit!
Kirsty Cordon 0428 434 336
Please note I don’t work on a Tuesday, I am available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Contributed by District Veterinarian Doctor Kirsty Cordon.