Former Condobolin Public School teacher Sarah Bartlett has publisher her first novel ‘Meant to Be’. It features some of Condobolin’s known sites and the characters also reflect the kind-hearted spirit of the Condo locals. Image Credit:


Former Condobolin Public School teacher Sarah Bartlett has published her first novel.
Inspired by her own life and journey thus far, ‘Meant to Be’ reflects on her time in Condobolin and Wollongong.
Sarah, along with her family, lived in Condobolin for eight years. During this time, Sarah was a much-loved staff member at Condobolin Public School. She left Condobolin in 2020 to move closer to her family in Wollongong and to continue her teaching career in the beachside city.
Since relocating, Sarah has worked on and written ‘Meant to Be’, a romance novel set in locations that have made an impact on her life.
“Condobolin will always have a special place in my heart, after I lived there for so many years,” Sarah said.
“I wanted to capture my love for the town and its lovely residents in my novel. The people I met during my time living there became by family and I feel that I was able to capture this in my novel.”
Not only does ‘Meant to Be’ showcase some of Condobolin’s known sites, but its characters also reflect the kind-hearted spirit of the Condo locals.
“Condo should be proud of the welcoming feeling it presents to newcomers, and I hope everyone feels encouraged by the story,” Sarah revealed.
Sarah worked on her debut novel ‘Meant to Be’ for the better part of twelve years and would like to acknowledge her publishers Ark House Press for turning her dream into a reality.
The blurb on the back of ‘Meant to Be’ reads:
“Adventure: that is what they dreamed of. Packing up their high school lives, jamming their possessions into the car and leaving their small town in the dust, Sam and Anita are inseparable. Best friends for as long as they can remember, Sam’s twin brother, Alex, is also never too far away. They call themselves ‘the three twins’.
“Meant to Be is a coming-of-age romance novel set in Wollongong, Australia. It follows the life of quiet but confident Anita through the ups and downs of her romantic life, making friends and gaining independence. All the while, Alex, her best friend’s brother, is hopelessly in love with her, trying and failing to confess his love, while she remains oblivious to his affections.
“Just when you think the path of love will bring them together, unfortunate circumstances and life choices threaten to keep them apart forever. Will Alex’s pride and indecision let Anita slip away just when he needs her the most? Told through the eyes of Anita and Alex, this love story will have you weeping and cheering as you unfold the adventure that is love.”
‘Meant to Be’ is now available at the Condobolin Newsagency, and online at You can also follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahbartlettauthor

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