Emma lends a helping hand

Emma Dyball loves her local community.

She is a Senior Constable stationed in Lake Cargelligo, and in her free time she has made it her personal mission to help out the elderly in the town in whatever way she can.

Emma has been busy in the kitchen recently, cooking up chicken soup and zucchini slices for elderly people which she personally delivers to their homes.

She collected some packages from one elderly lady and dropped them to her friend who was unwell. This saved them from having to leave the house.

In the spirit of Easter, Emma picked up an Easter raffle prize from IGA and dropped it to the elderly lady who had won it, along with some homemade cauliflower and thyme soup. She also made up some seafood plates and delivered them for people on Good Friday.

“I collected an Easter gift and delivered it to an elderly man at Cudgallagong Court on behalf of a lady in West Wyalong and went grocery shopping for an elderly lady in Lake and delivered it to her house,” Emma said. “I’ve also been known to mow a lawn or two to help people out recently!” Emma exclaimed.

Even before the coronavirus situation, Emma had an eye out for the community.

“At Christmas time the seafood delivery guy was delayed from 8pm Christmas Eve until 2am Christmas morning,” Emma said. “Numerous people who were waiting around in town didn’t want to wait until 2am or have to come back at that hour, so I basically picked up half the town’s seafood orders for them and they came and collected them from home Christmas morning at a decent hour.”
Emma is an example of someone who is doing positive things for her community and, for her, the reward is simply being able to make a difference in people’s lives.

“I can honestly say I genuinely enjoy doing things to help people out,” she stated. “I believe that unexpected kindness is the most powerful and the least costly.”

By Melissa Blewitt.

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