Junior Cricket
Colts were first to take up the bat. Billy Baldwinson and Gus Laing were first onto the turf, Jack Fitzgerald opened the bowling for Gilgais and his first over was a maiden. Billy and Gus batted out their four overs getting some runs on the board before retiring
The combination of George Chamen and Ellijah Turner at the crease saw some more runs added to the tally. Both boys retired, giving them a chance to return later.
Nate Vincent and Jaren Blewitt were next up and continued adding to the score, another two retirees saw Lucy McFadyen and Ashton Frost batting. Gilgais needed a wicket as now the Colts were 0/46 off 16 overs. It was Harvey McFadyen and Brock Shultz turn, Brock was making boundaries until Jack Fitzgerald came on to bowl and a catch by Miller Taylor saw Colts first wicket fall.
It was now time for the retirees and Nate was back hitting fours and running quick singles.
Bowling good line and length Gilgais Baden Riley was able to bowl out two of Colts batters in his fourth over, Colts batted out their 30 overs to finish 5/127.
Best batters; Nate Vincent 50 n.o & Billy Baldwinson 14 n.o.
Best bowlers; Baden Riley 3/20 off 4 overs & Jack Fitzgerald 1/16 off 3 overs.
Gilgais turn to bat and the first two up were Sid Shoemark and Baden Riley. Colts showed great work in the field and the team displayed some beautiful bowling in an effort to keep the Gilgais runs to a minimum and the Colts did a great job of this with Miller Taylor being the only batter to reach double digits. After 21 overs the Gilgais were all out for 57.
Miller top score on 22.
Bowling figures; Billy Baldwinson 2/3 off 2 overs, George Chamen 2/3 off 2, Brock Shultz 1/3 off 1, Lucy McFadyen 1/11 off 2, Harvey McFadyen 1/4 off 2, Ellijah Turner 1/6 off 4, Nate Vincent 1//10 off 2 & Gus Laing 1/12 off 2.
Catches went to; Nate Vincent, Billy Baldwinson, Ellijah Turner, Lucy McFadyen & Brock Shultz.

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