CHS Primary Industries students learn about safety

Condobolin High School’s farm is buzzing with work. Year 11 Primary Industries class have been working hard learning about the Work Health and Safety (WHS) rules and processes involved in the many applications related to Primary Industries.

They have recently been focusing on safely conducting a pre-start check of the tractor (and implements) before using each day, as well as learning how to select, wear, clean and store PPE for multiple tasks on the school farm.

“Students have been involved in the process of identifying and managing the risks with hazards at the plot, including reporting WHS issues using our school WHS committee, and the processes associated with reporting WHS issues,” a post on the Condobolin High School Facebook Page read.

“Students have become competent with attaching implements safely and completing maintenance checks of the implements while learning how to record and report according to WHS processes.

“Students have been working so well, they have already managed to prepare the paddocks for sowing oats to feed our sheep!” the post concluded.

Image Credits: Condobolin High School Facebook Page.

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