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A big weekend of golf in Condobolin

Condobolin Sports Club Golf

Big weekend of golf for the club with over 130 golfers testing their mettle. Saturday 31st March, we played an Irish 4ball event for the Phil Thomas famous seafood trophies. Thanks Phil for your support, winners of the day were Luke Dickson and Peter Walton with 53 pts, runners up were Eamon Coe and Willy Dargin with 52pts.

Ball comp winners H. Nash and C. Goodsell 51 points, D. Lark and P. Ward 51 points, C and C Venables 50 points, G Nagle and A Rice 48 points, I Bell and B Clemson 48 points.

NTPs all grades B Toms, no. 9 S Taylor and P Colless, no. 11 S Taylor and A Rice, no. 17 S Taylor and P Crouch.

LCD visitor Kurt was present.

Monday 1st April we played a 4 person ambrose with a 5 iron twist, 5 irons only to be used on par 3’s, most greens I’ve ever hit.

Great rollup of 81 players and thanks to the Georgie Boys for their sponsorship, winners of the day were father/son combos of Craig and Jack Jones and Matt and Kyle Kendall with 52 1/2 nett, runners up were Brad, Beck, Tasha Hurley and Charlie Goodsell with 54 3/8 nett.

Ball comp winners J May, L Dickson, A Rodgers and G Blattman 55 nett, C and C Venables, K Crow, N Coe 55 5/8 nett , A, B, E Richards and R Edwards 57 nett, R and J Hadrill, H Thomas, M Smith 57 1/2 nett.

NTPs all grades C Venables, no. 9 J Jones, no. 11 B Richards, no. 17 no pin returned.

LCD Pete was there.

How good is golf?
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