The Ungarie B&S Committee formed in 1989 to raise money for the town, and to provide locals with a Bachelor and Spinster Ball of their own.
Two members from each of the organisations in Ungarie were invited to be on the B&S Committee, ensuring that all participating committees would receive donations from the profits, as well as having some input into how the donations were shared out. The first Executive consisted of President Paul Smith, Secretary Steve Wilson and Treasurer Phil Smith, who resigned later in the year and was replaced by Bunny Smith. Tammy Stear replaced Steve Wilson as Secretary in 1991.
The first Ungarie B&S Ball was held in the winter of 1989, and despite the bitter cold there were more volunteer helpers “than you could throw a stick at”. Many locals were extremely curious to see just what went on at a B&S Ball!
The following year the Ball was shifted to October to avoid the colder weather, as was the third and final function in 1991. All three Balls had their music provided by high-profile Canberra/Sydney bands, whom the Committee had contracted through the wider NSW B&S Administratory body. Local Band “We, Us and Them” played for the “Recoveries” on the following mornings.
Despite the willingness of local helpers, of which there were always plenty, the committee called a meeting at the end of the three years and decided not to continue. It was felt that the Ungarie B&S couldn’t draw a big enough crowd to justify the amount of work and expense that the function incurred, and with few pre-paid tickets there was too much uncertainty involved in the financial outcome.
The B&S Committee went into recession following its Annual Meeting in April, 1993. The remaining funds were distributed to the Memorial Hall ($1000 to go towards air-conditioning), the Historical Society ($500 for the reprint of their original book), the Netball Association ($300 towards a new court) and the Central School ($30 for Rock Eisteddfod props and costumes).

Source: Ungarie’s 150 Year Celebrations Facebook Page.