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Ladies Bowls Round Robin, 3 bowls triples, starting in October 2021

TEAMS: 1. Narelle Hayward, Sharon Benson, Skyla Paul; 2. Marg McCarten, Pam Browne, Sue Newham; 3. Leanne Ridley, Leanne Cain, Zoe Ingold; 4. Leanne Imrie, Brenda Lightfoot, Rhonda Tyack; 5. Kay Chatterton, Karen Bartholomew, Robyn McMillan; 6. Kerry Turner, Narelle Hall, Karen Forbes; 7. Sue Wood, Sandra Smith, Donna Brown; 8. Wendy Byrnes, Di Phelps, Jess Browne; 9. Colleen Robertson, Janelle Ireland, Sally Atkinson; 10. Carmel Gleeson, Elaine Bendall, Lynn Ward; 11. Chris Leadbitter, Kerry Johnson, Larn Masterson; 12. Beth Fisher, Anne Moulds, Katy Quinn; 13. Adele Hattwell, Angie Hayward, Lynda Forrester; 14. Sue Hart, Justina Twomey, Angela Mackin.

Round 1 – 7/10/21: Narelle V Marg; Sue Wood V Colleen; Wendy V Sue Hart; Kerry V Carmel; Leanne Ridley V Adele; Kay V Chris; Leanne Imrie V Beth.


There have been two games in the major singles – Bev Fyfe defeated Denise Morris and Narelle Hayward defeated Judy Hague.

In pairs Judy Hague and Janelle Ireland defeated Denise Morris and Bev Fyfe.

Contributed by Lake Ladies Bowls Publicity Officer Leanne Cain.

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