Cafe Romo has had to be adaptable during the challenging COVID-19 crisis.

New regulations and restrictions were a challenge, the Condobolin business met head on.

“The first couple of weeks was an adjustment,” owner Erin Whitehurst Clemson explained.

“Once the public were aware of the social distancing rules and COVID-19 regulations, and once we as a business and they got their heads around it, it was really quite easy.

“The business and the community adapted really well.

“Everyone was quite nice about the restrictions and we have enjoyed serving the community in a different way.”

Cafe Romo has added a delivery service to their business during this period, which they didn’t do prior to the pandemic.

However, like many small businesses a decision in relation to staff hours had to be made.

“Unfortunately we had to cut staff hours as a result of the situation,” Erin stated.

“My main priority was making sure my employees were looked after. While I had to cut hours, I tried to share the shifts around so everyone was able to still have work.”

Even though cafes can now have 10 people seated in their restaurant area, Romo’s Café will continue to be takeaway only until all restrictions are lifted, and the business can resume normal trading activities.

“People will be able to sit outside and enjoy a coffee in the sun as long as they follow the social distancing measure, but there will be nothing inside until all restrictions are removed,” Erin said.

“I want to thank the local community for their ongoing support, because this has been a very tough time for businesses. Business house support has also been amazing.”

By Melissa Blewitt.

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