Sergeant Hunter from Condobolin Police Station, joined in with Lachlan Children Service’s Child Protection Zoom lesson recently. He spoke to staff and children about how to stay safe and identifying our safe people. Children and Sergeant Hunter listened to “My Underpants Rule.” The book empowers young children to learn about appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in relation to their private parts. This is often a tricky subject – how do you engage the child without scaring them? How do you make sure the lesson is remembered? The book clearly defines appropriate and inappropriate behaviour when it comes to private parts, reinforced by games and scenarios, and it also gently teaches what to do should anything happen and the need to speak to a safe adult. After the reading of the book children participated in the discussions and you weren’t afraid to ask questions. They were also asked to complete a ‘my underwear worksheet’ and upload it to Kinderloop. Lachlan Children Services extended a big thank you to Sergeant Hunter for being part of the lesson.

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