Jack Lovemore from Crank Mechanical APCO Machinery NSW's Dubbo Service Outlet getting a walk around and drive of the K7M 428hp Premium Kirovets at Condobolin on 27/2/21 prior to the Demonstration. Jack has had heavy Construction and tractor experience working previously for MARS Group and his families Lucerne near Dubbo NSW. Image Contributed



APCO Australia has begun an intensive and extensive marketing campaign for the Kirovets Premium K-7M428 HP tractor and just recently the very affordable K7M300hp, 350hp and 420hp standard range priced at $230,000, $240,000 and $249,990 exclusive of GST which is exceptionally priced in today’s market.

The new smallest tractor is the Premium K525/250hp which will sell for $190,000 exclusive of GST please see it in products at: www.apconsw.com and our grain chaser Bins.

The chaser bins are available in 3 sizes 18, 21 and 24T and a range of colours from John Deere Green, Case Red, New Holland Blue and Yellow and Turquoise Blue!

Go to the website www.apconsw.com and check them out.

The Kirovets are produced in a highly efficient, high-tech factory in St Petersburg, Russia. Demonstrated at a highly successful field day held recently at Condobolin, NSW, was the fact that the tractor can effortlessly pull a heavy 12-metre two-way 28-inch disc plough at 9 kph at 1400 rpm with no tyre slip. One person who test-drove the Premium tractor and plough was Seamus Frawley, from Cowra, NSW, who has been a contract cropping and grain harvesting contractor for over 30 years and has owned a variety of tractors. He observed that the Kirovets has exceptional power at
exceptionally low revs — and as a result has exceptionally low fuel consumption.

The tractor has a Mercedes-BenzDaimlier agricultural engine with 1960 NM pull at 1200 rpm with a 12.82L engine. This is the same engine CLAAS puts in their Class 9 combine harvesters.

Whilst the Standard Model has the 17.24L TMZ engine which is proven with nearly 60 years of faithful service.

Both Premium/ Standard ranges comes with an Australiawide 2 year 2000 hour warranty, even apart from 14 accredited NSW APCO service outlets, expert service for the engines can be found anywhere in Australia. Moreover, parts are extraordinarily inexpensive — typically a quarter to a third the price of the competition’s parts. A parts store is maintained at Seymour in Victoria George Moore who came from Condamine in QLD for the first Trial on the 12th of February, has put in an order for a K-7M 420hp StandardModel to replace his first Kirovets which has over 20,000 hrs on the clock without any major repairs being required in its work history. George said you rarely can buy horsepower like this at this price which equates to $595 per hp which is a
“Wonderful Price” and he’s not missing out on a deal like that!!! for “Big Horsepower”. This will be George’s fourth in a row buy of the Kirovets brand! Five other buyers are in the finance stage
of acquiring a similar deal.

Steve Morton from Borambola which is 15 minutes east of Wagga Wagga in NSW speaks admiringly of the Kirovet’s affordable pricing, ease of serviceability, inexpensive spare parts, local service
mechanics’ network, and common sense standard mechanicals/ electricals/ hydraulics that most farmers can fix by themselves and being in charge of their own tractors operation — instead of waiting for technicians with laptops and special programs Steve can’t access or buy himself if there’s an issue. If there is an issue Steve has to wait for technicians to come “when they can” if his
tractor stops, often over a very minor glitch in the system. With a Kirovets, its check your oil/water/ tyres and a visual walk around then turn the key to start, let her warm-up and off you go!!!

Simple as that.

- L- R - Steve Morton Borambola NSW discussing the K-7M 300 Standard features and pricing with Kirovets NSW Sales Manager Chis Hughes at Borambola North on 26-2-2021. Image Contributed.

L- R – Steve Morton Borambola NSW discussing the K-7M 300 Standard features and pricing with Kirovets NSW Sales Manager Chis Hughes at Borambola North on 26-2-2021. Image Contributed.

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