By Melissa Blewitt

A taxi service will once again run in Condobolin.
Locals Bill and Jenny Logan, saw a desperate need for a taxi service within the town, and are working towards having Condobolin Taxi Service up and running as soon as possible.
“Jen and I thought Condobolin needs a taxi service – it should have never disappeared in the first place,” Mr Logan explained.
“Lots of people were complaining and concerned there was no such service for elderly to get their groceries or alternative transport after a night out.
“There were issues such as walking long distances or relying on the good will of a friend or relative to give them a lift home with their shopping – it just wasn’t right that the town didn’t have a taxi service.”
Both Mr and Mrs Logan are looking forward to bringing a much needed and desired service back to Condobolin residents.
“We are very excited to be able to bring this service to Condobolin,” Mr Logan said.
The couple were steadfast in their commitment to bring a taxi service back to Condobolin, despite the long process to bring the idea to fruition.
“The process began on 14 December last year – paperwork and regulations have been complex, but we had to jump through all the right hoops to get the business off the ground. There is a lot of paperwork to do when dealing with the State Government,” according to Mr Logan.
“It has taken us four months just to get everything in order.”
Condobolin Taxi Service will have two taxis, and they have already employed two locals to drive them.
“Employing locals is a priority. We have done all the appropriate training, as will our two drivers. Licences, accreditations and authorisations were all part of the process,” Mr Logan stated.
Mr and Mrs Logan secured their taxi licences at the beginning of the month, while the two local drivers finalised theirs last week.
The hours will be from 9am to 8pm on Monday to Thursday. There will be longer hours over Friday and Saturday nights.
When the service is up and running, locals will be able to call 0400 499 299 to book a taxi.

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