Win or Booze have taken out the Tri-Sports Grand Final.
In a close contest, Win or Booze were victorious over Haphazard.
The event was held at Willowbend Sports Centre 2877 on Wednesday, 30 March.
Netball saw a tight game with no more than one to two goals separating both teams at each quarter. Win and Booze took a lead in the last quarter to take the win in Netball 22-20.
Soccer yet again saw a close fight with Haphazard taking the lead 1-0 halfway through the first and quickly making it 2-0 before halftime. The second half saw multiple shots from both teams to close to scoring, but Haphazard took Soccer with a 2-0 win.
Volleyball! The final game of the night. Just like the other two sports it was a close game. Haphazard took the first Set 16-14. Win or Booze quickly replied taking the second Set 15-11. The third and final set meant Tie-Break time. Win and Booze skipped away to an early lead and piled the pressure on to take the final set 10-6.
Player of the Grand Final was Johnny Manvell. Best and Fairest was shared by Thomas Gilpin and Paddy Ward. “A huge thanks to everyone for another amazing Competition! We hope to see you at our next one,” Willowbend Sports Centre 2877 Manager Brayden Davis said.