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I consider Walk4Christ 2021 to be 90%mission and 10 per cent ministry.

Let me explain. I believe that mission is ‘outreach’ – with the Church contacting people outside the immediate worshipping parishioners, whereas ‘ministry’ is leading, teaching, caring for and loving regular worshipping parishioners.

So the expectation is that people will pull up and ask what the hell I am doing walking the Parish at my age.

My answer will be that showing my willingness to serve God, and my devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, and how important I believe this is!

If people hang on a bit longer I will also point out that if ever there isn’t the finance for a car and/or petrol, someone can always walk (4 Christ) the distance to take the ‘Word and the Sacrament’ to God’s people –90 per cent mission.

The plan is to have a sponsorship and raffle fund raising evening at the Condobolin Church Hall including a barbeque and salad dinner where I will be able to contact with my already faithful people – 10% ministry.

Personally two days walking time gives me the uninterrupted time to not only Walk4Christ, but to talk and listen to Him as well.

The time, if you like to clear my mind, expands my capacity to experience Joy and Peace, and to be able to impart the same to others!

In the past it has been a very spiritual experience. A time in my busy life running two parishes, to have the Kingdom of Heaven so close I can almost touch it. I believe that I am fitter going into these walks than I have ever been previously.

2021 Walk4Christ will give me space for myself and for others who take advantage of the time I’m on the road, and please pray that is will open many new and interesting doors.

I will be so grateful for any contribution.

Contributed by Rev Brian Schmalkuche.

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