Father Brian Schmalkuche begnning his Walk 4 Christ event. Image Contributed.



Thursday morning 29th of April 2021, Trundle.

Up, dressed, and ready to Walk at 5am. Looked outside to see a beautiful moonlit morning, a pink moon no less. So I signed out of Saint Augustine’s Anglican Church and headed out. What an amazing hour and a half walking in the moonlight! I have always loved God’s creation, but walking from moonlight into the gradual daylight as the light of the sun connected to the moonlight was a revelation. Along with the musical sound of bird life waking up it felt like a lot like I imagine heaven. Listen to me waxing lyrical!

Linking the Parishes of Trundle and Condobolin is very important. Sadly the days of a Priest in both Parishes has gone. I believe a priest shared across both Parishes with determination and funding can be achieved.

At 8:55 I walked into the Lachlan Shire wondering where the Parish boundary might be. After much discussion with many people I am still not sure but I believe it’s about 38, kilometres from Condobolin on the Fifield Condobolin Road. Once I reach this road it was heartening to have everyone waving and all the truckies giving me a toot. Mail boxing prayer cards and praying for all the farmers along the way was a great feeling. God certainly has covered my efforts with his love and prayers!

I finally stopped walking on the Thursday about 5:30 pm. I felt a bit like Forrest Gump when he stopped in the middle of the nowhere!

I began again on Friday morning at 5:30 walking into Condobolin with Sandra O’Brien and Sue Thomas at 11:30. We had brunch together and I was delivered back to my vehicle. On Saturday evening we had a great get together in the church hall. A barbecue meal some raffles and sponsors.

Please feel free to contribute to send your sponsorship into the Box 148 Condobolin. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way.

Contributed by Father Brian Schmalkuche.

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