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Suicide Prevention Project – Senior Project Officer, Ros Patton has collaborated with the Condobolin Drug Action Team (CDAT), to provide mental health resources to the community in an informal setting.

“It’s important that our community are aware of mental health supports available to them,” she said. We are funded via the Western NSW Primary Health Network to provide awareness of services, provide training around Suicide Prevention and support activities to promote mental health wellbeing.

The “What’s your plan?” initiative, from the Local Drug action Team Committee, is funded via the OddesSey House. It is the message for everyone to consider, How they are going to make their way safely home, from the club/pub? The project is providing all the staff at all the local pubs and clubs with polo shirts, with the important message of “What’s your Plan?”

The collaboration came about when the CDAT committee which decided to combine funding to produce 10,000 coasters. On one side is “What’s your Plan?” and on the reverse side are Mental Health support/crisis lines.

The wellbeing of local community members and visitors is a priority. Connections with others is crucial to balanced mental health. Certainly, community members may be feeling concerned for someone or perhaps themselves, so the support help lines on the coasters at each pub and club. Passive awareness of support services, like the coasters, is just another way to share the knowledge of mental health support services available.

The dual message of “What’s your Plan?” works for both the physical consideration of safely making your way home after a couple of drinks, and it also asks of us all, “What’s our Plan?” for our own mental health wellbeing.


The Condobolin Sports Club, the Imperial Hotel and the Condo Hotel are participating in the What’s your plan?” initiative, a collaboration between Lachlan Suicide Prevention Project and the Condobolin Drug Action Team (CDAT). It is funded via the OddesSey House.

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Condobolin Sports Club

Condobolin Sports Club

Condo Hotel

Condo Hotel

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