Paul Lenon the Manager of Hillston Branch, the parent Branch for Condobolin, is urging people to contact him on 0407 255 421 to find out more about the Bendigo Bank Branch in Condobolin. Image Credit: Melissa Blewitt.



By Anne Coffey

In September 2015 Bendigo Community Bank partnered with Western Plains Regional Development to set up an agency in Condobolin at the WPRD Premises 18 William Street, Condobolin.

Westpac had just closed their Condobolin Agency leaving customers to bank through the Post Office with limited services available.

The CBA and NAB and Central West Credit Union were left as the only banking services in the town. Five years on the banking landscape has changed again.

The Bendigo Agency has now been operating for five years opening five days a week 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday and 10am-5pm on Friday.

The NAB is now only open nine hours a week and the Central West Credit Union has closed its’ face to face presence in town. Next to Bendigo, the CBA is now the only other full-time banking service in town.

Over the five years, the Bendigo Agency has been open it has shown steady growth however it now needs to grow more quickly if the town wants a full time Branch.

If Bendigo can grow enough to support a full-time branch it would provide employment for four local staff and would remain a five day 9am-5pm service. A Bendigo Branch would offer all the same products that the other banks offer including Home Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Equipment Finance Loans, Savings, Transaction, and Term Deposit Accounts however their point of difference is service.

The bonus for Condobolin is Bendigo are a Community Bank and invest 80% of its’ profits back into the local community in Grants, Sponsorships, and Donations.

So, if you want to support a bank that will continue to support Condobolin please ask for a quote on your banking needs. You will be surprised to learn that Bendigo’s rates are very competitive.

Paul Lenon the Manager of Hillston Branch, the parent Branch for Condobolin, is urging people to contact him on 0407 255 421 or email: paul.lenon, the Condobolin Agency on 68953301 or The Hillston Branch on 02 69671 422.

Bendigo also offer a Rural Banking Service called Rural Bank who also offer personal service and a range of Agri Lending and Deposits.

Condobolin could follow Hay who opened a Full Time Branch three years ago and it is now very successful, and employing four local staff.

Bendigo is now the fifth largest bank in Australia, and they are here for the long haul to support rural communities.

“Bank on Bendigo – the better Big Bank.”

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