Successful Super Sports Day

Local youth were able to enjoy a Super Sports Day on Monday, 22 April. Creative Community Concepts organised the event, where the community were able to play Mixed League Tag, Hockey, Soccer, T-Ball, plus have the chance to do Novelty Track Events and experience an inflatable Sports Arena. Creative Community Concepts is an incorporated association and they are a NFP organisation. They are active in the Community Development Space and strive to deliver programs that create a difference and fulfil our main business objective of “Connecting and Empowering Communities”. “Creative Community Concepts supports individuals, families, and communities to take control of the general wellbeing of their community. Our work centres on a multi-layered Community Development Strategy that encompasses a variety of initiatives to energise and motivate communities to improve the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of community members,” says. “This strategy has individual programs that focus on the various stages of an individual’s life journey from childhood to adulthood and allows for a diverse range of initiatives to be employed to bring about the development of the whole of the community.” Image Credits: Kathy Parnaby.

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