Results for 29 May:
With the Sports Club a hive off activity the croquet added to the hive with 12 members taking to the green.
We welcome Dawn back, great to have you back on the green.
First up Liz and Laurel were too strong for Elizabeth and Fay taking the match 7-2.
Next up another strong team drawn Geoffrey and Betsy took the match from Kay and Genene 7-2.
Fay and Laurel playing Shirley and Dawn both teams having a good tussle taking it in turn to score hoops. With the match 6-5 Shirley and Dawn hoping to score the next hoop to force the draw only to be outplayed by Fay scoring a Hole in One and taking the match to a 7-5.
Geoffrey and Elizabeth keeping up with Genene and Liz until the 11th hoop. Playing some great shots saw Liz go on to score the next 2 hoops and the match 7-5.
Betsy and Kay playing Shirley and Laurel again another even match. Both teams having scored 5 hoops each. Betsy and Kay scored the next hoop. Hoping to take the next hoop, Shirley and Laurel were outplayed by Betsy who scored a great Hole in One and the match 7-5. Great shot Betsy.
Fay and Genene too strong for Shirley and Betsy taking the match 7-3.
Elizabeth and Kay playing Laurel and Liz had a close game with both teams scoring hoops. The score got to 5 each only to see Laurel and Liz score the next two hoops and the match 7-5.
Blue Hoop.