Playing cards for 52 years

• Dawn Thomas, Sue Bell, Cassie Gill, Leonie Barrett, Jill Broadley and Maureen O’Shea have been enjoying each other’s company and playing cards together for 52 years. Known as ‘The Card Girls’, the group held their annual reunion in Condobolin last week. MB.

By Melissa Blewitt

A  love  of  playing  cards has seen a group of women enjoy 52 years of friendship.

‘The  Card  Girls’,  as they affectionately call themselves, began meeting  at each others homes, for a weekly game of cards.

Locals Jill Broadley, Dawn Thomas and Sue Bell still play together on a weekly basis, but their friends Cassie Gill, Leonie Barrett and Maureen O’Shea, now only join them for their yearly reunion, which took  place  in Condobolin last week. “We have so much fun, talk about old times, look over photographs and catch up,” Mrs Broadley said.