Merit Awards for Week 4

Last week, Tullibigeal Central School presented students with their Merit awards for week 4. Fletcher for active listening and positive participation in PDHPE from Miss Foy, Savannah for showing determination and sportsmanship in PDHPE from Miss Foy, Abigail for presenting her speech confidently at the CWA competition from Mrs Hayward, Khloe for presenting an excellent speech at the CWA competition from Mrs Hayward, Indie for working well and displaying her knowledge during comprehension. From Mrs Tyack, Ayden for writing an entertaining short story from Mrs Hayward, Ethan for independence and accuracy on maths work from Mrs Hayward, Ricky for wearing a wide brimmed hat from Mr O’Brien, Savannah for 20 Merit Awards and Ty for 20 Merit Awards. Source and Image Credits: Tullibigeal Central Schools Facebook page.

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