The Lachlan Children Services graduates who are attending St Joseph's Parish School Condobolin in 2021. Image Credit: Melissa Blewitt.


By Melissa Blewitt

In December, last year, Lachlan Children Services held two Preschool Graduation ceremonies for those children heading to ‘Big School’.

The Preschool Graduation for the St Joseph Parish School group was held on Monday, 7 December, while the Preschool Graduation Condobolin Public School group was held on Thursday, 10 December.

The Class of 2020, and their loved ones, enjoyed a Graduation ceremony and celebratory cupcakes at the two events.

Lachlan Children Services Coordinator Rachel Brook said it had been an interesting year in 2020, but it did not stop children from learning and growing together.

“They have taken each day in their stride and turned up with a smile on their face while the world was in a panic,” she said at the Graduations.

“There have been lots of changes to their normal family and school routines but that hasn’t stopped their passion for learning.

“They are resilient, they are confident, they are independent and they are future leaders and we are very proud of them.

Ms Brook said it was sad that another group of children were moving on, and all Lachlan Children Services educators would miss each and every child.

“We will shed happy tears as they move on and grow – their teachers will still follow their growth throughout their schooling. We are their first schooling experience and we hope to leave a little imprint on their future,” she explained.

Educational Leader, Samantha-Lee Haworth, said despite the disruptive year in 2020, the graduating class had shown determination and commitment to embracing their education.

“Throughout all of the disruption, craziness, and uncertainty of the year, your children have thrived and displayed their resilience in the most incredible of ways,” she stated at the Graduation ceremonies.

“There aren’t enough words to describe just how honoured we feel that you had complete faith in our abilities as teachers to guide your children through this and teach them lifelong skills.

“One of the main things that this year has taught us, is that life is not just about learning to read and write. They are important but just as important as love and friendship.

“We always focus on building on your children’s confidence, social skills and supporting them to discover who they truly are before embarking on their next adventure in their young lives.

“So, we thank you for sharing your children with us. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your family during this time.

“And now sadly, it is time for your children to move on and we will miss them more than you know. But, we smile through the goodbye tears because we are so grateful to have been part of their lives and your family during this time.”


Graduates each received a beautiful cupcake to take home. Image Credit: Melissa Blewitt.

Graduates each received a beautiful cupcake to take home. Image Credit: Melissa Blewitt.

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