LCS chickens get their names

Lachlan Children Services love their newest members, a chicken family, generously donated by Peter Speer. Image Credit: Lachlan Children Services Facebook Page.

The newest members of the Lachlan Children Services team have names!

Peter Speer, who donated the new chickens to the facility, visited the Centre on Thursday, 12 March to help choose names for them.

The Centre collected votes for a week, before they announced the chosen names for the chickens.

Mr Speer drew each name from a jar in front of an excited group of children and staff.

His grand daughter Macie help him on the day. As each name was read out, the children and staff voted yes or no.

Mother Hen is now known as Miss Kate Charlie Polka Dot aka Ugly for short and the chickens are named Twilight, Rosie, Nugget and Chip.

After the names were decided, Mr Speer went outside the see where the new additions lived and the children talked to him about how they cared for the animals.

The entire facility then thanked Mr Speer for his wonderful generosity in donating the chickens.

By Melissa Blewitt.