Kiacatoo CWA members Colleen and Judy attend State Conference

Kiacatoo CWA Notes May 2024

Hello again I really hope all the Mums had a really lovely Mother’s Day. I spent mine with my eldest son Keith and his family in Mildura and had a really great time.

Our last Meeting was held on Tuesday 14th May at the Library Meeting Room. During the Meeting Colleen Helyar and Judy Johnson who had been in Coffs Harbour  representing our branch for State Conference, gave their reports on what occurred and motions made during the Conference. Congratulations go to Sue Baxter who won the election to become State Vice President.

Guest Speaker was Nathan Dodson who came along to show us how to use a defibrillator, after calling 000, how and where to attach the pads and expressed the need, to start compressions and keep them going, if a defibrillator is not available for use at the time.  Thank you so much Nathan for two very interesting and enjoyable talks we really appreciate it.

On Tuesday 21st of May I went along to the CWA Public Speaking at the Wiradjuri Study Centre where children in years 3 and 4, 5 and 6 from the whole District schools had two minutes to speak on pre-chosen topics. It was really interesting to hear their voices, well prepared topics and to see such imagination in their content. Ofcourse some of the children were very nervous and perhaps didn’t do as well as they would have liked but at least they had a go and gained valuable experience to use if they do it again next year.

The great-grand daughter of our Vice President Trisha Phillips, Pippa Wainwright gave her speech, I thought she did well, considering she was the first one in the group to speak.

Contributed by Tina Harris, President Kiacatoo CWA.

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