Condobolin Sports Club Bowls
Wednesday bowls over the last few weeks. Michael Waller and Brian Tickle defeated Max Johnson and Robbie Hill, and Brian Tickle, Hank from Cunnamulla and Ray Burns defeated Al Stuckey, Bob Scott and Max Johnson.
The Sunday 10th July, Bill Logan and Brian Tickle won the vouchers defeating Michael Leal and Graham Ordish, Pete Brasnett and Ray Burns defeated Max Johnson and Jenny Tickle, and Steve Brasnett and Michael Richards defeated Allan Berry and Al Stuckey. Last Sunday Pete Brasnett and Ray Burns won the vouchers defeating Hank and Uwe Kuhn, Pam Nicholl and Don Jackson defeated Michael Richards and Jenny Tickle, and Laurie Thompson and Brian Tickle defeated Al Stuckey and Cath Thompson.
In the Major Pairs, Michael Waller and Lloyd Merritt attacked Dan and Darren Seton like men possessed, the wind was horrible and the green was like glass but they were winning winning winning until the nineteenth end when the wheels fell off and the Setons took the last three ends to win the match twenty three to twenty.
In the afternoon of Sunday 17th, two practice pennants games were played, the conditions were as described above, Steve Brasnett, Daryl Nairn, Al Stuckey and Nick Moody defeated Brayden Davis, Dave Carter Jnr, Steve Taylor and Adam Doyle, and Hank, Al Barnes, Ray Burns and Don Jackson defeated Pete Brasnett. Brian Tickle, Uwe Kuhn and Don Jackson.