For the first time since 2019 families will be able to gather to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.
While we gather in the peace and tranquility of this country let’s spare a thought for the mothers in Ukraine and even Russia, Syria, Afghanistan and all the countries in the grip of war or famine. Think about Shanghai in China where, by all reports, they are in lockdown and staving, in Xi Jinping’s pursuit of zero covid.
Imagine what it must be like for the mothers in Ukraine, many who have lost their children, their husbands. their homes, and in some cases, their whole families.
The despair of the family who have just lost their 3 month old in the latest missile attack in Odessa.
The mothers in Russia, who, through no fault of their own, are waiting to hear if their sons have survived in the war, who may not, according to news reports, even know their sons and husbands are in Ukraine.
Imagine being a mother in Shanghai who is padlocked into her apartment and watching her family stave, as the authorities struggle to deliver the necessary food to sustain them.
The chilling screams as they call out for food.
Never have I felt so lucky to be in this country, or felt I have so little to complain about.
How lucky we are, despite, our problems and the floods this year, to be able to celebrate the wonderful qualities of our Mums and with them, the community we live in.
This year think to shop local from the fantastic array of gifts in local shops.
Let’s support the community that sustains and supports us.
From the bags, jewelry and confectionery at the Newsagency, the gifts and make up and skin care at Shortis and Timmins, electrical gifts at Betta Home Living and beautiful knits, jewelry and homewares at the Hall.
Shopping local keeps our community strong, provides local jobs, and helps those businesses support local sporting and charitable groups.
How lucky are we to have a group like the CWA who are providing a free Mother’s Day morning tea on Saturday the 7th at the Community Centre, or a Sports Club providing a really cheap and delicious meal to celebrate our Mums.
So this Mother’s Day, give thanks to Mum and remember how lucky we are.