Culture and connection were celebrated at the Condo Corroboree on Saturday, 28 May.
The amazing event was held at the Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation.
Organiser Amanda Coe said the event was about capturing and sharing traditional dancing and singing of First Nations culture.
“This week we celebrated three significant events in our Aboriginal culture and communities,” a post on Facebook said. “Firstly, Sorry Day and the start of reconciliation week, and lastly the Condo Corroboree. We need healing as individuals and as a community.
“Well, what can I say? Thanks to all the dancers that travelled to our little Community to perform in the Condo Corroboree.
“A big shout out to huncle Steve Taylor for all your hard work and dedication to our boys, Condo Crew, and our community your cultural leadership is inspiring our boys to carry on a legacy, and they will be future leaders. Much love and respect to you and all the senior dancers from across NSW.
“I would like to also thank my talented Cousin Jacinta Keefe for travelling to be a part of it.
“A big shout out to my tidda’s Tennille Dunn and Kristi Hoskins and Renee Lemmon and Theresa Ann Dargin and Eliza Packham for helping on the night.
“A big thank you to Lisa Elias for catering and Breny Riley and Willy Wolfe Dargin for cooking the bbq.
“A big thank you to Richard Coe and Poppy and Boodie for getting the circle ready.
“I have to mention my people, MJ Wighton for all your hard work for helping with the lead up, but sadly could not be here.
“Lastly to Marion Wighton-Packham for always being there for the crew.
“It was a honour last night (28 May) to receive a gift from Craig Cromelin that he painted about the Corroboree.
“Thank you for everyone that turned up and supported our event. It’s about walking on this journey together and united. And celebrating our first nations culture.”
Artist and photographer Jacinta Keefe travelled to Condobolin to be part of the event.
“I’ve been on the road this week, 680 kilometres away from Melbourne to a town called Condobolin, in New South Wales,” a post (written on 31 May) on the Jacinta Keefe Photography Facebook Page read . “A beautiful little town in the bush.
“On Saturday just gone was the Condobolin Corroboree, The Galari Bila Waga Dhaanys were dancing and you could just FEEL the ancestors in the air there with us. What a beautiful evening.”

Image Credits: Jacinta Keefe Photography – www.jacintakeefe.com and @JacintaKeefePhotography