The club championships have been run and won with Brett Byrnes retaining his title and notching up his 20th win, an amazing record.

The Club Championships for 2020 results are as follows:

A grade club champion Brett Byrnes 303, scratch runner up Brendan Richards 312. Handicap winner Ethan Richards 290, runner up Zac Mitchell 293.

B grade champion is Ian Grimshaw 336, runner up Mathew Smith 339. Handicap winner Allan Dodgson 286, runner up Mick Hanlon 294.

C grade champion is Tom Stuckey 370, runner up Daryl McCarten 371. Handicap winner Clive Dunne 295, runner up Greg McCumstie 300.

The 72 hole scratch veterans winner was Brett Byrnes, and the 36 hole handicap winner was Steve Beattie on a c/b from Mick Hanlon.

Well that wraps up our club championship for 2020, congratulations to all winners, and a special thanks to Ros Taylor for running the event so smoothly.

Contributed by Mister Nothergreen.

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