Lake Ladies Bowls
The ladies AGM will be held on Sunday, 14 Aug at 10am at the Bowling Club.
There is a sheet on our board for those that would like to nominate for various positions.
On the 28th of July Lake will hold its gala day and also celebrate the ladies clubs’ 70th birthday. Volunteers will be needed for slices and salads and if you would like to play or help please put your name down on the sheet on our board or let Narelle Hayward know.
A big thank you to Adele Hattwell and Frances Martha for updating our history folders, which will be on display on the day.
MAJOR SINGLES DRAW 2022: Marg McCarten V Colleen Robertson; Wendy Byrnes V Bye; Bev Fyfe V Bye; Judy Hague V Julie Twomey; Narelle Hayward V Kerry Turner; Denise Morris V Bye; Leanne Imrie V Bye; Leanne Ridley V Bye.
MINOR SINGLES DRAW 2022: Justina Twomey V Karen Bartholomew; Leanne Cain V Bye; Chris Leadbitter V Beth Fisher; Diane Phelps V Sharon Benson; Carmel Gleeson V Angie Hayward; Anne Chambers V Sue Wood; Pam Browne V Janelle Ireland; Elaine Bendall V Sue Hart.
First Round to be played on or before Sunday 12th June 2022. Please let Stephen Mills know what date/time you are playing. First to 25 shots.
Major Singles – Narelle defeated Kerry. Thanks, Kay for marking.
Remember our Bowling Club fees are due now. It is $85 for full bowling member and $15 for social membership.
Contributed by Lake Ladies Bowls Publicity Officer Leanne Cain.