Central West Family Support Group (CWFSG) in partnership with Creative Community Concepts held a ‘Parenting Through Sport – Footy Fun (FFF) Program at Wiradjuri Cultural Centre on Wednesday, 18 May.
The CWFSG Mums and Bubs Group participated in Part Three of the workshop and were treated to morning tea at the conclusion of the event.
Vicky Everingham, from Creative Community Concepts, said FFF is a Targeted Early Intervention program designed for children in their early years aged zero to seven years and their families.
“The programs main focus is to introduce children and their families to the art of playing together in a fun filled group of activities,” she explained.
“This is achieved through ball games and activities that develop the gross motor skills along with the numeracy and literacy skills of the child while building on the family unit’s capacity to bond through play in their home.
“We played ‘Shark Island’, where each child has to identify an area marked with different coloured markers, and make it past the ‘Shark’ (adult) without getting caught.
“It’s all about ensuring the children have fun and enjoy new learning experiences. We also focused on colours, balancing and footy skills. It is important the children move freely throughout the activities, so they can choose what they would like to take part in.
“In some sections of this program additional information is delivered by services such as pharmacists, local medical services, police, and other referral services in their communities.”
Creative Community Concepts is the business operational arm of the Murdi Paaki Regional Rugby League Council Inc. and they are a NFP organization which is active in the Community Development space. They strive to deliver programs that create a difference and fulfil their main business objective of “Connecting and Empowering Communities”.
Their work centres on a multi-layered Community Development Strategy that encompasses a variety of initiatives to energise and motivate communities to improve the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of Community Members.
“This strategy has individual programs that focus on the various stages of an individual’s life journey from childhood to adulthood and allows for a diverse range of initiatives to be employed to bring about the development of the whole of the community,” Creative Community Concepts Executive Director Michael Dabin says on www.creaticecommunityconcepts.com.au
“It is well documented that active and mentally fit individuals, families and communities have the potential to take control of the general wellbeing of their communities and the focus of the work of Creative Community Concepts is to support this potential.
“As part of our strategies we work closely in partnership with other organisations. We are extremely grateful to our Community Partners who have supported us over time.”