Results 17 July:
12 players in today’s draw.
Sue and Dawn had a win over Fay and Jan 7-3.
Margo and Shirley too strong for Kay and Laurel 7-2.
Elizabeth and Liz also had a good win against Marilyn and Betsy 7-2.
Margo and Elizabeth 7 to Liz and Laurel 4.
Betsy and Dawn scored well taking the win from Shirley and Sue 7-2.
Kay and Fay had a tight game with Marilyn and Jan winning the match 7-6.
Liz and Betsy too strong on the day taking the game from Dawn and Laurel 7-1.
Betsy and Margo too strong taking the match 7-3 from Elizabeth and Shirley.
Results 24 July
A beautiful sunny morning welcomed us today, with 12 players taking to the green.
Kay and Geoffrey had a close match against Laurel and Sue taking the match 7-5.
Genene and Shirley played well taking the win from Margo and Liz 7-3.
Fay and Wendy had a close match up against Dawn and Betsy but held on to take the match 7-5.
Margo and Laurel too strong having a good with from Liz and Shirley 7-3.
Sue and Dawn playing Kay and Fay had a tight close match 7-5.
Margo and Shirley won against Betsy and Genene 7-5.
Our welcome mat is still out to anyone who would like to try croquet. We play Wednesdays and Sundays at 10am.
See you on the green next week.
Blue Hoop.