Croquet results 22 May:
A cool start saw 11 members take to the green the morning of 22nd May.
1st match saw Betsy and Laurel take off with a flying start scoring a quick 6 hoops before Shirley and Kay came back with the next 2 hoops only to be outplayed again by Betsy and Laurel who took the match 7-2.
Elizabeth and Geoffrey had a good tussle with Margo and Marilyn both teams scoring hoop for hoop before Elizabeth and Geoffrey pulling away at the last 2 hoops to take the match 7-5.
Liz and Shirley were to strong this morning against Genene and Jan winning 7-4.
Betsy and Elizabeth also playing strongly taking the match win from Margo and Laurel 7-3.
Liz and Kay playing Laurel and Jan playing a very even match. With both teams scoring hoop for hoop saw Liz and Kay come out in front to take the match 7-5.
Shirley and Betsy had a good win over Margo and Genene 7-4.
Betsy and Elizabeth were very accurate around the hoops scoring a quick 4 hoops before Margo and Kay’s come back scoring the next 4 hoops only to fall short with Betsy and Elizabeth taking the next 3 hoops and the match 7-4.
All had a great morning on the green.
Blue Hoop.