WaterNSW has received an application from John Francis O’Donnell and Heather Mary O’Donnell to amend an existing Water Supply Work Approval by replacement pump, increase in capacity to 900 l/sec on Lot 16 DP 133285, Parish South Condobolin, County Gipps.

The application relates to the Lachlan Regulated River Water Source, subject to Lachlan Regulated River Water Source 2016 Water Sharing Plan. Objections must be submitted in writing to WaterNSW PO Box 291, FORBES NSW 2871 or customer.helpdesk@waternsw.com.au

Objections must specify the grounds of the Objection and contain the name, address and signature (or authentication) of the Objector. You may use the Objection form waternsw.com.au/advertising-and-objections.

All Objections should reference Application Number A024795. Objections must be lodged with WaterNSW within 28 days of this Notice, please refer to the NSW Water Register (“closing date” column) for the final date to lodge an Objection.

For enquiries contact Holly Orr, Water Regulation Officer, on 1300 662 077 or by email: customer.helpdesk@waternsw.com.au