Every classroom at Condobolin High School will have a double sided poster with “Phone Go” or “Phone No”. Images Contributed


By Melissa Blewitt

Condobolin High School has a new mobile phone policy.

As of Monday, 3 May students will be expected to follow three simple steps to comply with the new guidelines.

Every classroom will have a double-sided poster with “Phone Go” or “Phone No”.

“During a Phone Go lesson, students may use their phones for educational purposes as directed by their teacher,” a post on the Condobolin High School Facebook Page (3 May) read.

“During a Phone No lesson it is expected phones are turned off and away in bags. If a phone is seen out, a student will receive a verbal warning.

“If it seen again it will be placed in a safe box on the teacher’s desk for the remainder of the lesson. “Three instances of phone confiscation may result in a Suspension Warning.”

Students were informed of the expectations at the Monday morning assembly.

“We look forward to having focused learning in all lessons without the distraction of devices!” the post concluded.

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