According to Auswest Seeds every farm property and production system is unique.
In establishing pasture there are many factors that require consideration when deciding on what to plant.
The key to success is planning. Successful producers plan their pasture program well in advance, sometimes over a period of several years.
With each pasture or crop different factors need to be considered prior to sowing and good management is the key to success with any crop or pasture, whether it is new or existing. According to AusWest Seeds now is the time to be sowing lucerne and for the successful establishment and persistence of lucerne, soil conditions need to be considered: AusWest advise that a soil test is recommended before sowing lucerne as it will not tolerate acid soils with high aluminium. Soil pH should be around 5.5-6.5.
If the soil is acidic lime is recommended to raise the pH level. Also lucerne requires free draining soil types and does not like waterlogged conditions.
To get the most out of your lucerne stand choose a paddock that can be rotationally grazed. Contact AusWest seeds for further information to maximise your pasture establishment and maintenance.