The Condo Cook Up is an annual event which aims to raise money to be donated to worthy community causes.

“Our focus for the last two years has been the ongoing drought which has affected Condobolin in varying ways., not only our farming families, but also local businesses and morale in general,” Cook Up Condobolin Secretary Ashleigh Rees explained.

“The money we have been able to raise has come from the events that were held in 2018 and 2019, the Lifting Spirits Dance held in Condobolin in December 2019 with Macca (Ian MacNamara), also donations given at the outdoor broadcast of ‘Australia All Over’, donations from St Marys Rugby League Club and Greg Pinnington and the Camden Cricket Club and of course from the many individuals within Condobolin and the wider community who personally donated.

“The combined groups have decide to disperse the funds that are available to the farming families in our community in the form of Gift Vouchers.

“These vouchers can only be spent in the participating businesses in Condobolin.

“The businesses will be able to have the vouchers redeemed by the Chamber of Commerce.

“Many people have contributed hours of volunteer time in fundraising and this will enable our farming families and businesses to keep $20,800 in our community.

“We would like to acknowledge the support we have received from the Western Plains Regional Development office and the Condobolin Chamber of Commerce who have helped with organising and redeeming the gift vouchers,” she concluded.

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