Out of control


• A number of young people went on a rampage in Bathurst Street on Monday morning (23 November) causing in excess of $20,000 damage. One walked up and down the main shopping area wielding a Samurai Sword, smashing windows and screaming obscenities. More photographs on page 10. MB

No one was spared in the rampage of broken windows in Bathurst Street on Monday 23rd.

By Melissa Blewitt

A number of young people went on a rampage in Bathurst Street on Monday morning (23 November) causing in excess of $20,000 damage.

One walked up and down the main shopping area wielding a Samurai Sword, smashing windows and screaming obscenities.

Shopkeepers and members of the public sought protection behind locked doors, many in disbelief at what was happening in front of their eyes.

According to Officer in Charge of Condobolin Police Station Sergeant Peter Gibson, events from the previous night led to the incident in Bathurst Street.

“There have been about 23 windows broken in Bathurst Street, which equates to around $20,000 to $25,000 worth of damage,” he said.

“They walked up and down the street wielding a Samurai Sword, threatening to cut members of the public’s heads off.

“It appears as if the incident has been a result of an assault and robbery that occurred on Sunday night (22 November). Local Police and Lachlan Area Command officers arrested the alleged offender at around 10.45am on Monday (23 November) and placed them into custody.

“As a result of this arrest, a number of family members of the alleged offender have then been observed wielding a Samurai Sword in the main street of Condobolin terrorising the community and smashing windows.

“Before Police attended the scene they secured supervision for the alleged offender in custody, and then quickly made their way to the area where reports had been made of people smashing windows.”

Sergeant Gibson said Police then pursued the alleged suspects who had departed the scene, through a number of streets and buildings.

“There was a foot pursuit through the old church building in McDonald Street, Police also searched for the alleged offenders at Condobolin Primary School and the Wiradjuri Study Centre.

“All offenders were located within a short time frame of around 20 to 45 minutes, and then conveyed to Condobolin Police Station.

“Once at the Police Station, after speaking with Legal Aid, the offenders decided not to speak with Police, so they were charged and conveyed to Parkes Police Station.

“They were refused bail and then conveyed to Dubbo, where they will face 11 charges at this stage, including intimidation, malicious damage, offensive conduct and custody of an offensive implement.

Three offenders were identified at the scene, and after reviewing CCTV footage Condobolin Police were hopeful of arresting a fourth alleged offender, Sergeant Gibson said.

“Police are asking that all victims in relation to this incident bring a copy of the cost (quotes) of repairs as a result of malicious damage to Condobolin Police Station, as they can be presented to the Court as part of the case.

“I also want to urge anyone who may have felt threatened or intimidated during the incident to contact Police, so appropriate statements and action can be taken.”

The offenders faced Dubbo Local Court on Tuesday, 24 November on 11 charges stemming from the incident in Bathurst Street.

Holiday laughs and crafts

Craft, sport, photography, hair spray and food – there was something for everyone at the Central West Family Support (CWFS) and Lachlan Youth Services’ Sports Day last Wednesday.

• A world of colour and fun: ASPIRE volunteer Caoife Power and Youth Activity Officer Nicki Lombard with Condobolin children Olivia Kennie, Holly Hudson, Makayla Kennie, Aleaha Hudson, Janayl Knight, Kyesha Dalton, Hope Milson, Koby Knight and Eileen Weatherall. LP

By Lara Pearce

Craft, sport, photography, hair spray and food – there was something for everyone at the Central West Family Support (CWFS) and Lachlan Youth Services’ Sports Day last Wednesday.

A wide range of community groups banded together to put on a fun day for Condobolin’s youth at the Family Support building on William Street.

Craft, sport, photography, hair spray and food – there was something for everyone at the Central West Family Support (CWFS) and Lachlan Youth Services’ Sports Day last Wednesday.

• Future Socceroos at the Sports Day at Family Support on William Street. LP

Western Plains Regional Development (WPRD)’s Youth Services Manager, Heather Blackley, said that the day was truly a team effort, with Family Support, Youth Services, Storm Co, ASPIRE and CentaCare all getting involved in various ways.

“The ASPIRE team are out here talking to parents and children about tertiary training, […] We’ve bused over kids from Lake Cargelligo in the Family Support bus and Storm Co are here from Castle Hill volunteering in the community,” she explained.

The ASPIRE volunteers set up various craft activities for the children, and also got some of the parents involved. “We’ve brought tablets out here and parents and carers are using them to take photos to make a storyboard of their day, so they can have a piece of art to take home,” explained ASPIRE Project Officer, Vanessa Cali.

The colour and fun was continued at the Benevolent Society’s stand, where Jaromir Sladek was spraying children’s hair with the help of some junior volunteers.

Outside in the sun, over a dozen teenagers and young adults from Storm Co – a Seventh Day Adventist Church in Castle Hill – got the children active with soccer, baseball and other sports for the children on the old bowling greens.

Condo youth hit the airwaves

A group of Condobolin youth hit the airwaves last week with the world-wide release of a new album, Song Nation.

• Above: Some of the local Wiradjuri youth performing in the video clip of ‘Who I Am’. Contributed

By Lara Pearce

A group of Condobolin youth hit the airwaves last week with the world-wide release of a new album, Song Nation.

The young people – ‘The Condo Crew’ – worked with Desert Pea Media and local Wiradjuri elders to co-write and perform in the sixth track on the album, ‘Who I Am’. The song talks about the need to find pride in cultural identity and to learn about the past.

The track was produced over four days in March last year.

Desert Pea Media released the 11-track music album, titled Song Nation Volume 1, last Friday. Desert Pea Media is a not-for-profit organisation which works with Indigenous young people, helping to empower them through truth, hope and a mantra of positivity.

Toby Finlayson is the founder of Desert Pea Media. He travelled to Condobolin with music producer Joel Westlake and musician Josh Nichols to work with the Condo Crew and the local Wiradjuri community to produce the track.

“The aim is to create dialogue around local social and cultural issues, using art as a tool to create a space for young people to think about themselves and their futures and what they want to see changed in their communities,” he explained.

Arts OutWest funded the workshops as a part of their ‘Spread the Word’ project, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles among Indigenous Australians in the Central West.

Local Wiradjuri artist, Roy Peterson, helped the young people write and perform their song, while local elder, Aunty Bonny Merritt, shared local Wiradjuri history and culture with the group from Desert Pea Media and the young locals.

“The kids wrote the song about what they learnt from her,” explained Mr Finlayson. “It was about teaching kids about local, social and political history and the living conditions for the last generation and how that impacts on Indigenous Australians today.”

Song Nation tracks are available on iTunes, Youtube and Facebook.

Sport, sumo suits and STORMCO at family support

WPRD and STORMCO conducted a sports day to entertain Condobolin youth over the holidays.By Dominic Geiger

Sumo suits were all the rage at last week’s Condobolin Family Support Services youth sports day.

Throughout the day, children had the opportunity to battle it out against one another sumo-a-sumo, jump on a jumping castle, join in games of volleyball and league tag as well as play a number of less physically strenuous games such as duck duck goose.

Children were also treated to free morning tea snacks and a sausage sizzle.

A combined initiative of Western Plains Regional Development and STORMCO (Service To Others Really Matters), the sports day was set up to provide entertainment for children over the school holidays.

Team Leader for STORMCO, Jesse Herford, said he thought the kids had really enjoyed themselves throughout the day.

“It’s just been a lot of fun,” he said.

“We’ve estimated there were about 100 children with their families who showed up.”

Jesse said far from being a one off event, STORMCO would be back next school holidays to maintain a positive relationship with Condobolin children.

“Basically we want to put our name out there and offer a positive influence for the kids,” he said.

“We want to offer the children something to look forward to on the holidays.

“We plan to build on what we’ve done today over the coming years.”

Sports day participant, Andrew Towney, said he’d had a great day.

“I’ve been having heaps of fun wearing sumo suits and tackling people,” he said.

“The jumping castle was good too.”

Willow Bend Sports holiday activities for youth

A number of sporting activities held at the Condobolin Willow Bend Sports Centre have been entertaining school students during their holidays.

By Dominic Geiger

Orange based Octec Youth Connections has been helping to entertain Condobolin youth over the holidays with a number of sporting activities held at Willow Bend Sports Centre.

The activities, which are focused around traditional Indigenous sporting games, have been running in conjunction with Willow Bend’s regular school holiday program.

Indigenous youth worker from Octec, Corey Mclean, said the aim of the organisation’s program was to support at risk youth and engage them in education.

“Through sport, we’re able to connect with them and then promote our message,” he said.

“We target youth from the age of 11 to 19 and encourage them to remain in high school or to enrol in TAFE and other forms of tertiary education.”

During last Thursday’s Octec visit, children played games of tag red rover and a traditional Indigenous game known as Gorri.

“It’s a hunting simulation game, where we use a big bouncy ball to represent an emu, kangaroo or a bird and children throow tennis balls at it,” Corey said.

Manager at Willow Bend Sports Centre, Kelly Jarick, said the centre’s school holidays had been particularly successful.

“We’ve been seeing between 20 and 40 kids show up each day for the activities,” she said.

“We’ve also been providing a healthy morning tea for them, as well as having lucky door prizes and awarding best and fairest awards.”

Family support STORMCO sports day

STORMCO aims to provide entertainement for  Condobolin’s youth over the school holidays. DG

Condobolin Family Support Services will host a youth sports day this Thursday July 14 from 10am until 4pm at its office on William Street.

The sports day is part of a STORMCO (Service To Others Really Matters) initiative which aims to help provide entertainment for Condobolin’s youth over the school holiday period.

Team Leader for STORMCO, Jesse Herford, said the group would be working with Condobolin youth throughout the week in the lead up to the sports day.

“In particular, we’ll be hanging out with the kids from Willow Bend because they’re the ones who invited us here,” he said.

“We’ve already received a lot of positive feedback.

“Throughout this week we’ll be running a kids club which will involve games, songs, crafts and just generally getting to know the kids and hanging out with them.

“On Thursday we’ll be having a bunch of sporting events including league tag as well as a sausage sizzle.

“It’s open to all kids and families who want to come along.”

STORMCO is run through the Southern NSW Seventh day Adventist Church.


Condobolin Community Centre Cushion Concert

Condobolin's young talent was on display at the recent Cushion Concert.

An incredible selection of young musical talent was on display recently at the Condobolin Community Centre’s Cushion Concert.

With the majority of students performing with either a guitar or piano, the 50 plus audience were treated to songs ranging in classical rock numbers to lazy Louisiana blues and original compositions.

An initiative of the Lachlan Arts Council, Cushion Concerts have once again become a regular occurrence following an extended hiatus.

Project coordinator at Western Plains Regional Development, Heather Blackley, said the concerts were stopped due to a lack young people interested in learning about music.

“Children just weren’t picking up musical interests for some reason so we stopped the concerts for a few years,” she said.

“Now we’ve seen a resurgence with lots of children wanting to learn music so we decided to start the concerts up again.

“I think this is due to the increased popularity of new music technology like Youtube and iPhones.

Heather said most of the students who performed on Saturday had been learning for approximately twelve months prior to the concert. D. Geiger


Touchdown in Penrith

Condobolin students travelled to Sydney last Friday to meet the Penrith Panthers NRL team.

Twenty Condobolin students had the chance to travel to Sydney and meet their Rugby League heroes last week as part of the Touchdown in Penrith Condobolin Youth Centre Program.

The students were selected based on their recent behaviour and attendance record at the Condobolin Youth Centre’s meetings.

Youth Activity Officer, Christine Brandy, said the excursion was part of a mentoring partnership with the Penrith Panthers NRL team.

“The children will meet with the team before the game on Saturday and have a chat with the players,” she said.

“While in Sydney, the students will also get a chance to go ice skating, play basketball and take part in a visual arts workshop.

“The kids are all really pumped up and excited for the trip.”

Christine said the students’ behaviour had become noticeably better since the introduction of the program.

“It’s given the kids an incentive to behave,” she said.

“The program has been running for a few years now and we’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in the students over that time.

“We run the classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and do things like scrap booking, cooking and different types of sport.

“It’s about getting them off the street.”

Student Kurrin Brandy said he couldn’t wait to meet the Panthers.

“I’m really excited, I like league and I like watching the Panthers play.”


Snap Shot 2011

On 23 August 2006, Penrith City Council and Lachlan Shire Council signed a Friendship Agreement between the two local government areas – one that has the capacity to generate significant ongoing benefits for both communities.

As a result of the relationship, the Penrith Performing & Visual Arts (PP&VA), Lachlan Shire Council and Penrith City Council proposes to establish a three-year cultural partnership to develop and deliver an integrated performing and visual arts cultural and education program for communities and schools in Lachlan Shire.

Under the cultural partnership, the Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest is holding its annual Snap Shot 2011 Teenagers Photographic Prize.

This is an annual, open photographic competition for teenagers (13yrs – 19yrs). Entry is FREE and there is prize pool of $1200 between two age brackets 13 -15 and 16 -19 years.

Digital entries will be accepted online at http://www.penrithregionalgallery.org/ between 1 July – 8 August with winners announced at the opening on Saturday 17 September 5pm – 7pm.

The exhibition will  show from 10 September to 30 October.  Snap Shot commenced in 2007, and attracted 23 entrants. The exhibition has grown exponentially since inception, and in 2010 presented the work of 147 teenage photographers and exhibited 379 photographs.

Potential pedestrian bridge for Memorial Park

By Dominic Geiger

Western Plains Regional Development Incorporated (WPRD) and Lachlan Shire have recently announced plans for a possible footbridge linking the SRA grounds to Memorial Park as part of the ongoing Revege the Sedge Lachlan River beautification project.
The announcement was made last Friday at a meeting held at the WPRD to discuss the project’s progress.
Project coordinator at the WPRD, Heather Blackley, said the dream was to link the pathway currently being constructed on the bank of the river from the road bridge to Memorial Park.
“The footbridge could be used by both pedestrians and bikes,” she said.
“It would be great for tourists though it’s still a long way off.”
Heather said the other aspects of the project have been progressing well.
“The path looks really good how it’s weaving through the trees,” she said.
“The Condobolin Historical Society will be making an application for a number of information signs.
“We’ll be including information on an old brewery that used to be on the banks of the river and [all the school children] who have helped with the project will have their names on a plaque at the site.
Heather said the students who have helped with the project were chosen because they were finding school life difficult.
“The change in the students has been amazing; they are really interested in the project and they come in [to the WPRD] and ask questions about how it’s progressing,” she said.
“We’re there in their faces talking about employment and what the students want to do with their lives.
“At the end of the project we’ll be taking them on a bus trip to Orange to see a movie or go ten pin bowling or something as a reward.”

Imperially groovy on a Sunday afternoon

Josh Gallagher and Kathrin Fuelscher at the Imperial Hotel last Sunday. DGBy Dominic Geiger

The rocking sounds of shredding acoustic guitars kept a small but attentive crowd entertained last Sunday afternoon at the monthly Imperial Hotel jam session in Condobolin.
A number of people, both die hard musicians and beginners, picked up a guitar and shared their musical talents with those around them.
Josh Gallagher, pictured, said the jam sessions offered people the chance to relax and to maybe pick up a few new tunes.
“I come along for the enjoyment (of playing music) and the laughs,” he said.
Owner of The Imperial Hotel, Madelon Goodworth, said the jam sessions are run in order to attract people from all ages and to expose musical talent in the town.
“There was no place to play music and really have an audience in town,” she said.
“So we started the jam sessions to encourage the younger ones to come along with a suitable guardian and mix with (other musicians).
“A lot of people are too scared to try singing or playing in front of an audience but if you encourage people to do it (the talent) really comes out.
“Playing in front of a crowd builds confidence so people can get to their peak because everyone’s got some sort of talent.
“It’s just a chilled out get together.”
Keep an eye out on the blackboard outside The Imperial Hotel on Bathurst Street for the date and times of the next jam session.
Madelon also asked for anyone interested in having a barbeque at the jam session to drop into The Imperial and let her know so numbers could be organised.

More funding for Condobolin Skatepark Committee

Helen Barrass presents the cheque to skatepark committee members Lewis Goodsell, Jed White, Alex Davis, Kerrod Griffiths and Trent Wighton.By Dominic Geiger

Progress Printing has recently made a donation of $1,460 to the Condobolin Skatepark Committee.
The grant is the result of a decision to contribute 10% of the proceeds from Progress Printing’s 2011-2012 Community and Business Directory to a suitable community project.
Helen Barrass, Marketing Coordinator for Progress Printing, said the organisation would continue to nominate different community organisations to benefit from sales of the business directory over the coming years.
“Next year it might be a different project,” she said.
“Hopefully the skatepark is built by then.
“Obviously (choosing the site) has been a bit contentious and the project needs to go through the necessary processes to see what the community wants.”
Helen said she believed the skatepark would eventually have an incredibly positive impact on the town’s young people.
“It’s a good project and will keep the youth occupied,” she said.
“Condobolin’s produced some athletes over the years that have gone all the way to the top; so this skatepark will be good for the town I’m sure.
“The project needs to be community driven; the community needs to get involved in it.”

Spit roast BBQ tested

Students from Condobolin High School hosted a barbecue at the Condobolin Men's ShedBy Dominic Geiger

Metals and engineering students from Condobolin High School hosted a barbecue lunch at the Condobolin Men’s Shed recently to celebrate the completion of a spit roast barbecue project.
The students have been constructing the barbecue over the past six weeks with the help of Barrick Gold Corporation sponsored project facilitator, Steve Karaitiana.
Steve said he’d learnt a lot from the students and he hoped they’d learnt a lot from him as well.
“It was a pleasure to work with these young men,” he said.
“The community is now able to hire the spit for functions and in doing so they’ll support the Men’s Shed.
“You can really cook for a big crowd with this barbecue; it’s hard to beat the old spit for cooking a good feed.”
Careers advisor at Condobolin Highschool, Tim Lukins, said the project had helped give the students a much bigger picture about what life after school was like.
“It’s exposed them to the wider community,” he said.
“While they’ve been doing this project one day a week they’ve managed to build sheds at the Murie as well.
“They’ve been taking one day off school a week to work on these projects.
“The barbecue was finished today so now this lunch is a bit of a test run.”
Approximately twenty people enjoyed a succulent meal of spit roasted lamb and potatoes at the lunch.

Condobolin Debutante Ball

The Condobolin Debutante Ball was held on Saturday, 30th April, 2011, with eleven Condobolin girl making their debut.

More photos are available to view at The Condobolin Argus office.

The Condobolin Argus – 10 years old

With The Condobolin Argus’ 10th birthday nearly upon us, first week of May, it seemed appropriate for a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the issues and events that have been critical in making The Argus the influential and relevant community newspaper it is today.
With so many editions archived in the depths of the Argus library, the task of revisiting important stories and campaigns seemed daunting at first, though with much perseverance, the team at The Argus has managed to compile a fairly concise list of ten achievements it feels have been most relevant to the Lachlan Shire community.
They are (in no particular order):
Joining the battle to keep the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station up and running.
In March 2009, The Argus reported on the NSW Labor Government’s decision to close the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station (CARAS). A surge of public protest culminating in a rally in Condobolin’s main street reversed that decision.
Helping prevent the closure of Target Country in Condobolin.
In January 2003, The Argus confirmed Condobolin Target Country would remain open despite pressure to close the store. The Argus supported the store during the resulting six month trial period through a ‘shop local’ campaign.
Helping to promote the Condobolin skate park project.
The Argus has been supporting the Condobolin skate park project for a number of years. The project is finally becoming a reality with the final draft becoming available for public comment following Lachlan Shire Council Meeting on 20th April.
Supporting the RTA’s ‘Three Shires’ initiative to help reduce the region’s road toll.
This project aims to increase road safety throughout the Lachlan, Forbes and Parkes shires. Part of this project has been the wheelie bin initiative, encouraging children to decorate wheelie bins in an effort to highlight road safety. The Argus played a large role in encouraging people to take part in this project, and now also has a very happy looking bin.
Providing full yet sensitive coverage of breaking news including human tragedies.
For example on the 2nd of December 2005, a ten-seater Piper Chieftain light plane crashed on Neil Baxter’s property ‘Craig End’. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in the loss of several lives and resulted in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau inquiry. The Argus printed continuous coverage of the incident from the crash to release of the inquiry.
Coverage of natural disasters.
The Argus has been instrumental in keeping the community aware of various fires and floods which have affected the region over the past ten years. With the real time news delivery available with the internet, The Argus can now deliver information to readers as soon as natural disasters unfold. This was most recently demonstrated during the floods in Ungarie last month.
Promotion of local tourism initiatives, particularly ‘Utes in the Paddock’.
Owing to the Argus’ commitment to improving tourism in the Lachlan Shire (and perhaps due to the fact our editor is one of the artists) Utes in the Paddock has become a ‘must see’ on any visitor’s to do list. Beginning in 2007, The Utes in the Paddock Project now includes 15 ute artworks and has been nominated for a NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Experience Award.
Coverage of Aboriginal issues and events in the Lachlan Shire.
The Argus has strived to help ‘close the gap’ on Indigenous inequality though a focus on providing fair and unbiased reporting on events and issues important to the Wiradjuri community. The Argus has frequently reported positively on Aboriginal tourism, educational and employment initiatives.
Promotion of major events such as the Condo 750, Tattoo,  Condo B & S and our Australian Idol Shannon Noll.
The Argus has thrown its support behind various community oriented events over its ten year history. This promotion has been in the form of editorials, advertorials and extensive advertising features before, during and after events.
Support of local Charity Organisations
When major charity events and fundraisers happen in the Lachlan Shire, The Argus is always in the thick of the action, lending its promotional power to the event. Various charities and charitable organisations.

Support for Community much more than just words in a newspaper.
Born out of a large gathering of members from right across the community forming the view more could be done to promote our region, The Condobolin Argus actively pursues promotional opportunities in may different ways.
The paper looks to attract staff with high level skills and talents that offer its community additional benefits. One staff member worked tirelessly on submissions and promotion for the Professional Bull Riders event. That event attracting large crowds enhancing business for the local community. Yet another staff member successfully competed the local Show Girl promotion being awarded State Runner Up at the Royal Easter Show, thereby doing a magnificent job of promoting our region.
Focus for The Condobolin Argus is very firmly on assisting local community to promote itself, diligently managing advertisers funds to employ high level skills providing a holistic service. One portfolio sponsored by The Condobolin Argus in this way is that of ‘Community Promotions Officer’.
All of this has only been made possible by your strong support over the past ten years. Thank you for helping us to provide this service to our community.
To help your local community newspaper celebrate its 10th birthday and plan for many more, please drop on by the office at 93 Bathurst Street Condobolin during the first week of May -We’ll have some birthday cake.

Enjoying the spectacle

By Debbie Hickson and Jessica Symonds

Residents of South Forbes Road enjoyed the roar of bikes and cars as the participants of the Condo 750 raced through their properties this weekend.
The annual Easter event was a first for newcomers to the district, Debbie and Bryan Hickson.
The Hicksons enjoyed the competitors racing through their property.
“The event was fantastic,” she said.
“We loved the Prologue on Friday. We got to see the insides of the car, and look at the bikes.”
“On Saturday and Sunday, there was probably about fifteen of us there, watching the bikes and cars.”
The Hicksons were pleased with the organisation of the event.
“It was easy for us, the organisers marked the track, and when we checked all the gates and stock, everything was in the right place.
“We wanted to let other farmers know, being a part of the event, your property being part of the track, is really no inconvenience.
“The organisers do everything, opening and closing the gates, leaving everything as they found them.
“It’s great to be a part of it, and we’d love to host it again.”

Condobolin Pony Club

On Friday 22nd April at the Condobolin Pony Club grounds 9 children and their ponies attended a clinic run by Corrine MacAulay from Temora.
The basis of the clinic was to teach the children and their horses about ground rules. The children all learnt about bending and flexing as well.
All the kids definitely learnt something positive as did the parents.
Condobolin Pony Club also held their Showjumping, Dressage, Equitation and Combined Training Championship recently on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of April. This event was a qualifier for the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show.


Family Support hosts Youth Sports Day

By Dominic Geiger

The Family Support Centre in Condobolin hosted a Youth Sports Day on Tuesday April 12 with over 85 young people and 40 adults attending the event.
A busload of children and their guardians also drove from Lake Cargelligo to partake in the day’s activities.
The project was funded through the Federal Government’s Youth Week initiative in conjunction with Arrive Alive and Condobolin Family support.
Project Manager at the WPRD, Heather Blackley, said the day was comprised of a variety of sporing competitions.
“We set up teams so the kids could play oztag, touch footy, netball and volleyball,” she said.
“We also had a really big barbecue with lots of parents and guardians helping out.
“The idea behind the day was trying to get the two communities together and getting the kids to work and play with each other.
“It was about providing an active day of fun and entertainment and trying to puff the kids out a bit.”

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