Wester NSW Local Health District

Hostpital works underway

By Melissa Blewitt

Works at Condobolin Health Service, which includes the removal of asbestos, is now underway.
Work commenced late last month, and the replacement of the old vinyl will be completed by mid-June 2017.
Entry to the Ward will be temporarily closed, and the community will have to enter via the Emergency Department verandah entrance.
“After many years of wear and tear, the vinyl on the floors and walls near the dental unit and in the entry/exit areas to the Health Service needs to be replaced. We’re doing this work to help keep our facility neat and clean for our staff and the community,” a frequently asked questions fact sheet provided by Western NSW Local Health District said.
“To replace the vinyl we firstly need to safely remove the lining behind the vinyl, which contains asbestos.”
Experts and specialists will be on site to safely remove the asbestos.
“We are bringing in experts in asbestos removal who are very experienced in safe removal practices. We are also bringing in independent specialists to monitor air quality and to work with the removal team. Staff and management at the Health Service will work with both teams of experts to ensure everything is being done to keep staff, patients and visitors safe,” the fact sheet explained.
“Some of the safety measures include making sure the asbestos removal area is segregated from the remainder of the hospital by the use of temporary walls and plastic sheeting. This area is under constant negative air pressure, which means air from the removal area cannot escape into the hospital and if any dust is generated within the removal area it will be safely filtered by negative air pressure exhaust fans fitted with high efficiency filters; constant air monitoring around the work site will also be in place.”
There will be minimal disruption to services, according to Western NSW Local Health District.
Most services, including the Emergency Department will not be affected.
“People with planned dental services have been contacted and, where appropriate, will be treated in neighbouring dental clinics. For any patients concerned about their dental appointment, or for any queries about dental services at Condobolin, please call 1300 552 626,” the facts sheet stated.
“The entry to the ward will be temporarily closed and you will need to enter via the Emergency Department verandah entrance. “Clear signage will be put in place to tell patients and visitors what has changed and alert people to the temporary arrangements.”
If the community has any questions they can contact Health Service Manager at Condobolin Health Service, Kate Power on (02) 6890 1500.

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