Vehicles & Transport

Condo 750 set to rev

By Dominic Geiger

Riders and drivers preparing to enter the annual Condo 750 are once again revving their engines in anticipation.
The event, which stretches over a three day period, will begin on Good Friday with a prologue event before the real races get underway on Saturday April 23 and Easter Sunday.
Event Coordinator, Alan Wells, said spectators wouldn’t be able to watch the entire race as it went through over 50 private properties, though there were a number of roadside vantage points to watch the race from.
“The best place to watch the race will be near the rubbish tip,” he said.
“There are two different tracks, with bikes and cars swapping courses on the second day.”
Alan said even if people missed the bikes and cars in action, they could still catch them at the Condobolin Showground after the racing had finished on Saturday and Sunday.
“The vehicles will be serviced after the first round of competition on Saturday and the awards ceremony will take place in the Showground Hall on Sunday afternoon,” he said.
“As usual, the bikes and cars will be travelling around 750kms in total, with 500kms being really competitive.
“We’re expecting around 90 competitors in the bike competition, with 13 of those riding quad bikes.
“At the moment there are only 13 cars listed in the auto competition but we expect that to increase to 30 by race day.
“We’ve got entries from all across Australia; Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.”

Team Bullet shoots to success at National F1 Competition

CHS in top gear at Eastern Creek: l-r Lachlan Porter, Neil Bates, Greg Kuhn, Mitchell Coote, Nathanial Smith and Alexander Howarth. Photo contributed.

By Dominic Geiger

Condobolin High School’s Team Bullet were recently awarded 5th place overall at the National F1 In Schools Engineering Titles in Sydney.
The team were the highest ranking competitors from NSW, secured 2nd place in the engineering category and were formally recognised for their collaborative effort with sponsors in the Condobolin community.
Team member Nathaniel Smith said although the competition included racing, the results weren’t based on speed alone.
“We competed in Time Trial, Reaction Time and Knockout racing competitions, as well as engineering, car scrutineering, portfolio, pit display and verbal presentation competitions,” he said.
“We had a lot of fun, and the event wasn’t just about competing.
“We raced around a skidpan with Australian Rally Champion, Neal Bates, toured the Radical Racing garage and inspected some of the imported cars they were customising for use on the Eastern Creek track.”
Nathaniel said the team were excited to have had the chance to appear on the TV program Top Gear Australia.
“Top Gear was testing a new car and was trying to simulate 9.3 years of family use so we had to run through the back seat of the car,” he said.
“There were about 100 children going in and out of the car to simulate the 9.3 years.
“They also drove around the track for 24 hours straight, even doing laps in reverse and going over speed bumps at high speed.”
Nathaniel said the team had learnt much more than just knowledge associated with racing over the course of the competition.
“We learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, learnt how to work as a team and learnt how to speak and collaborate with industry,” he said.
“We would like to thank all of our sponsors and families; without your support, dedication and trust in us we would not have made it so far.”

Charity bike rides rumble around Condobolin

Lucas John prepares to go for a ride. Inset: Field Jackson, Chris Simmonds, Greg Cooper and three of the ‘Big Hearted Bastards’ charity bike group. D.G.

By Dominic Geiger

Tearing down the road at 100km/hr on the back of a Harley Davidson and seeing a black snake go under your feet sure beats any car trip.
And with so many people lined up outside the Condobolin Hotel for rides last Saturday as part of the annual Condobolin Picnic Races Charity Bike Ride event, it’s easy to see it’s a sentiment shared amongst the community.
‘Split’, one of the founding members of the annual event, said the bike riders came to Condobolin every year to help out a needy local charity.
“This year we’re helping out the Fairholme Rural Fire Service,” he said.
“We started coming here on the way back to Sydney from Jingellic to visit Greg at the Condo Hotel, and thought it was such a friendly town we’d do something for the community.
“This year’s the record for the most bikes; we’ve got 57 riders altogether and 54 bikes.
“They’re mostly Harleys but there are two Triumphs and a few others.”
Chris Simmonds, Representativefor Moonbi Recreation Hall, said he felt very privileged to think the Condobolin Hotel had chosen the organisation as the recipients of this year’s charity donation.
“All small communities are battling to make ends meet at the moment around here,” he said.
“We’re out here today to offer information as well; we’re sharing knowledge about rural fire issues, and we’re talking about the situations we face on a daily basis.”

Safety bells ring for Bells Line of Road

By Dominic Geiger

The NRMA has labelled The Bells Line of Road, which is often used as a means for Lachlan Shire residents to travel to Sydney, as the most dangerous road in the state.
The Bells Line Express Chairman, Ian Armstrong, said the road rated the worst in NSW when the number of accidents, injuries and deaths occurring on the road was compared to the number of vehicles travelling per square kilometre.
“The reason for this is basically the structure of the road,” he said.
“It was built by convicts over 180 years ago and follows the alignment of the mountains.
“The road is incredibly narrow in parts and there are a number of short sharp bends; you can even see the damage done to guard rails on the side of the road from previous accidents.”
Mr Armstrong said a four lane highway which might use part of the existing Bells Line of Road corridor was currently being promoted as a way to divert traffic off the existing treacherous route.
“The Bells Line of Road route will be kept as it is to service the towns in that area,” he said.
“There have been two proposed alternative routes for the highway, with another one currently being formulated by the RTA which will follow a more southerly route.”
Graham Blight, NRMA Director for Western NSW, said although there would be many people opposed to the idea of a new highway being built it was ultimately necessary for the economic prosperity of the state.
“Western Sydney is getting clogged up,” he said.
“There will be minor repairs done to the Bells Line of Road… we urgently need this highway corridor to be preserved.
“There is a fundamental interest for Sydney and western NSW to ensure there is a commercial life saving road built linking the two areas of the state.”
Keith Muir, Director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness, said the enormous amount of environmental feasibility studies, property acquisition, and construction work required for the proposed highway meant it would not be economically productive.
“It would be more beneficial to give the 80,000 families of the Central West $40,000 each,” he said.
“It will create a massive swath of destruction through the World Heritage Blue Mountains; it’s a ridiculous idea.”

Red flags wave on LSC roads

By Dominic Geiger

A number of roads in and around the Lachlan Shire have been ‘red flagged’ as part of the NRMA’s campaign to raise awareness about the poor state of regional country roads in NSW.
Roads which have been flagged so far include sections of the Henry Lawson Way, as well as William and Lachlan Streets in Condobolin.
The project encourages people to report any roads in their local region they think are in serious need of repair.
NRMA’s director for Western NSW Graham Blight said the person who flagged the Henry Lawson Way went through a particularly arduous experience before submitting his complaint.
“The poor fellow had just been in the hospital for appendicitis and had to go along that road to get home,” he said.
“The red flag project is about demonstrating there is a problem and something needs to be done.”
Mr Blight said the issue of poorly maintained roads was far from being limited to an issue exclusive to the Lachlan Shire.
“It’s the biggest problem in the Central West; everywhere you go you notice roads are in a shocking condition,” he said.
“We estimate regional roads in NSW are under funded by around $6 billion dollars.
“This project is about letting the state government know we want some long term funding for these communities.
“The important philosophy here is that no major country has ever embarked on an economically successful future unless it gets its transport right.”

Police issue warning to local car owners

Lachlan Local Area Command are warning car owners not to leave valuable items in their vehicles, especially those parked in car parks, driveways, open carports and on the roadway during the hours of darkness.
The warning follows a rise in the number of vehicle break-ins recently in the Lachlan Local Area Command area.
Sergeant Ben Dawson from the Lachlan Local Area Command, said people should remove all valuables from their car, and be aware of any suspicious activity.
“What is disappointing is that over recent months, a high percentage of the reported stealing’s from motor vehicles occur when the vehicles are left unlocked or with unsecured property on the back of utilities. In most of these cases, they are crimes of opportunity, thieves walk along checking vehicles and when they find one that is unlocked, they search through it taking whatever property they can find. It may sound obvious, but always remember to lock your car, ensure all the windows are fully closed and remove all valuables,” Sergeant Dawson said.
Anyone noticing suspicious activity around parked cars is asked to report it to Condobolin Police 6895-2577 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Steering towards being Recreational Vehicle Friendly

An application to have Condobolin approved as an RV Friendly Town has been submitted to the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) by Lachlan Shire Council.
The main aim of the RV Friendly Town program is to attract RV tourists to our towns, preferably for a four day period, so that they will spend their money with local businesses within the region.
There are now more than 115 RV Friendly Towns across Australia enjoying the economic boost that these RV tourists bring to the region, Lake Cargelligo is a designated RV Friendly Town and features in the latest RV Friendly Town Newsletter.
The ‘RV Friendly Town™’ scheme is an initiative of the CMCA that promotes RV tourism related services across Australia. By promoting the partnership between the RV tourist and small towns, they encourage expansion of tourism related infrastructure and services and promote the economic advantage to small towns of providing RV tourist specific amenities.
Put in basic terms, an RV Friendly Town™ is one that happily provides amenities and services for the mobile traveller. Some of these services include: access to 24 hour medical and pharmacy services; parking within close proximity to the general shopping area with groceries & fresh produce; service centre for basic vehicle repairs; a Visitor Information Centre (VIC) and town map with essential services; access to potable water; access to a Dump Point within 50km of the town; provision of short term (24/48/72+ hour) parking; provision of longer term parking within 5-20km of town centre, at a reasonable rate; RV Friendly Town’ signs to be erected within the town environs.
A town may qualify as an RV Friendly Location™ if it does not meet all the criteria of an RV Friendly Town™.  For example, the town may not have 24 hour medical facilities but will have access to a medical evacuation plan such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service or ambulance. The hospital may be located in a nearby town.
A third category is the RV Friendly Destination™. This category caters for destinations, such as a tourist attraction, homestead or country pub that is friendly towards all mobile travellers. The destination will have an area for overnight or longer stays for travellers in recreational vehicles.

Kiacatoo CWA hosts ‘Trial’ visitors

Condobolin CWA provided lunch for the Classic Outback Trial visitors

Nineteen cars arrived in Condobolin on Monday from Forbes as part of the Frontier Services 2010 Classic Outback Trial. Kiacatoo CWA  was on hand to provide lunch for the 85 visitors at Condobolin’s SRA hall.
The charity, which is the largest single provider of family and community services, health care and pastoral support to people living in remote Australia, is sponsoring the race for a second year in a row to help raise awareness of its national ‘Outback Links’ volunteer program.
The event, which runs across Western and Central New South Wales between 21-27 November is open to up to 50 entrants in ‘Classic’ rally vehicles built before 1996. It comprises 25 closed-road timed stages, starting in Forbes, taking in the regional centres of Coonabarabran and Dubbo, before then returning to Forbes for the finish.
Overall, up to 20 per cent of the total 2,500km covered by the event is expected to be competitive, with participants enjoying more than 150km of timed competition on one day alone.
The 2010 Trial will open and close with stages set up at Forbes’ Showgrounds and the adjoining Travelling Stock Reserve which will be open free for the public to view.
Frontier Services originally became involved with the Trial in 2009 with the aim of creating awareness for its national ‘Outback Links’ volunteer program. This matches skilled volunteers with families and individuals living in remote areas who are ‘doing it tough’ due to factors such as adverse climate conditions, illness and heavy seasonal workloads.

Chutes and Utes Festival draws record crowd

Resting after riding in the Condobolin PBR: Chris Lowe (3rd place), Budd Williamson (1st place) and Scott Glasby.With the roar of engines and influx of chaps and cowboy hats, Condobolin’s inaugural Chutes and Utes Festival came to a thundering climax with the highly anticipated Professional Bull Riders Challenger Series and hotly contested Country Energy Ute Show last weekend.
A record crowd of more than 3000 packed into the Condobolin Campdraft and Pony Club Grounds on Saturday night to witness young Queensland bull rider Budd Williamson buck his way to victory in a thrilling round eight of the PBR Challengers Series.
Blue Reardon of the Condobolin Rodeo Committee said the event continued to gain more supporters every year and showcase Condobolin as the place to be on the October long weekend.
“We had great support from the local community in helping put the event together and are very thankful for the continued support through crowd numbers at the event.
“The atmosphere of the night, professionalism of the bull riders and contractors and dedication of the [Rodeo] Committee has led to an almost flawless event and one we’re very proud of and gearing up to make bigger and better for next year,” Blue said.
With only three rounds of the Challenger Series remaining before the PBR Australia National Finals, Saturday night’s battle for Condobolin took on added significance in the fight for the 2010 championship. With the nation’s best bull riders on hand to shore up their place on the PBR Australia standings, twenty-four-year-old Budd Williamson from Ayr, north Queensland swept in and stole their thunder with two magnificent rides.
Reigning PBR Australia champion and current series leader David Kennedy grabbed second place in Condobolin with a pair of solid rides.
Kennedy has not bucked off a bull in his past three PBR events and has stretched his lead in the PBR Australia season standings to a commanding 850 points over nearest rival Troy Wilkinson.
With the inaugural Country Energy Ute Show rounding off the Festival weekend last Sunday with a solid turnout of competitors it was Craig Jones with his Holden one tonne that took the top prize on the day.
Marshall of the Ute Show Jeff Kirk said he was very happy with the event for a first go and with a few tweaks he was looking forward to an even bigger and better turnout next year.
“We had great support from the locals and quite a few out-of-towners too and really thank all our sponsors who didn’t even hesitate to support the inaugural event,” Jeff said.
“We had a lot of help but I’d particularly like to thank Sandra Parnaby for helping to coordinate the event, Katrina McDougall for her help on the day; MichaelTimmins and Condobolin Rotary for their help as well,” he said.
Craig Jones will now be nominated to go to the zone final and if successful will have the opportunity at exhibiting his ute at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Category winners on the day were: Country Energy Ultimate Ute Craig Jones who took home $1000 and runner up Darryl Field who pocketed $500 for second. Country: Brendan Steward; Feral: Anthony Kokoch; Modified: Craig Jones; Original: Jo Mann; Street Machine: Craig Jones; The Sheila: Annabelle Toohey; Stereo Sound Off: Jayson Parnaby; Sweetest Note: Darryl Field; Art and Advertising: Utes in the Paddock.

Campertrailers converge on Condobolin

Over 200 people and their Campertrailers converged on CondobolinBy Sally Willoughby
Ninety camper trailers and over two hundred people converged on Condobolin last week as part of the online camper trailers group annual meet.
With people travelling from every state and territory in Australia except the Northern Territory, directors of the Campertrailers group Kevin Phillips and Rob Sanderson said they were overwhelmed with the friendliness and hospitality of Condobolin.
“Condobolin has been wonderful with the reception and warmth of the people just amazing,” said co-director Kevin.
“The whole idea of this meet is to get a large group of people into a community and help build the local economy…and in addition to that do something for a local organisation too,” he said.
While in Condobolin, the Camper trailers group focused on the Condobolin Lions Club holding raffles, auctions and trivia nights to help raise funds which were then donated to the local charitable Club.
“The least we can do while we are here is support a local organisation that has really taken care of us while we are here,” Kevin said.
With the Australian past time of travelling via camper trailer becoming increasingly popular in the way it lends itself to the national lifestyle, the online group has over 5500 members and hosts an annual meet every year so that members can “see the face behind the typing.”
Most off road camper trailers are self sufficient and have an under slung water tank, a fully functional compact kitchen & plenty of room to carry the necessary supplies without placing undue strain on the tow vehicle. Then there’s the gas bottle, extra water or fuel which is carried in jerry cans & perhaps a purpose built 12 volt battery system which may be charged by a solar panel when camped, making an extended stay possible.
At the group’s annual national meet they hold also hold a range of workshops for members and interested people in the community with an abundance of entertainment and full week of activities incorporated into the meet.
People interested in joining the online camper trailers group can get more information from

News in Brief


Condobolin Progress Association are calling for ALL business houses/owners and interested community members to attend the AGM to be held tonight Wednesday 6th October at 6pm at The Railway Hotel.
Progress have worked hard, with its small Committee over the past 12 months, in an effort to keep business local. We have been involved with Hear the Bush Beat, Condobolin’s 150 yrs Celebrations, Business House get together with Parkes Business Enterprise Centre, Christmas Lights, Business House Christmas Trees, Condobolin’s first  Edition of the Community and Business Directory and many other Community based events.
Since Progress’s inception, members have worked on Save our Store (Target), Shop Local Campaign, been facilitators for various Business Seminars, involvement with Year of the Outback and an array of Tourism functions.
The Progress Association is a valuable asset to our Community and its future success for enhanced Business prosperity depends greatly on your involvement and commitment to improving the community that we call home. Contributed.


At the Deni Ute Muster (October 1-2), Event President, Kathy Simpson confirmed that the official name for the WB V8 Holden Ute, which is suspended on a six-metre pole, will be the ‘Ute on the Pole’.
Australian Automotive magazine had run a nationwide competition to find an official name, asking readers to submit their suggestions.


John Williams, the Nationals’ Member for Murray-Darling welcomed the Energy Rebate increase for all Health Care Cardholders, but states that the increase falls short of any recommended electricity price increase.
Mr Williams was encouraged to see the rebate be increased by 10% on 1 July 2010 but said the Government needed to do more for the Health Care Cardholders of NSW.
‘Based on the figures for this current financial year, Health Care Cardholders would be getting a rebate of 39 cents saving a day – that doesn’t even cover the cost of a local phone call!’ Mr Williams said.
Mr Williams said the Government needed to be more proactive in meeting the needs of Health Care Cardholders.There’ll also be an enormous amount of pressure put on welfare charities as a result of electricity price hikes.

Chutes and Utes Festival thunders into Condo

Condo Chutes and Utes FestivalCondo Chutes and Utes sponsors and Condobolin Rodeo Committee members are gearing up for the premier event this October long weekend: Mayor Des Manwaring (LSC), Roger Browne, Allan ‘Butch’ Rice (Country Energy), Blue Reardon, Karen Worthington (Barrick Gold), Jeff Kirk, Stuart Mathews (Kimberley Metals), Brian Prothero (Condobolin RSL Club). Absent: Chamens IGA.

Condobolin is getting ready for a swag of activities this October long weekend showcased by the Condo Chutes and Utes Festival which will host the Professional Bull Riders Challenger Series on Saturday 2 October and The  Country Energy Utes Show on Sunday 3 October offering over $3750 in cash and prizes across ten categories.
The weekend will also feature Central Hope Cutters Red Dirt Run and a fierce game of rugby league between the Condo Old Boys and St Mary’s Masters. See the following pages for all details.

Country Energy Ute Show

Utes to roar into Condo

Sunday 3 October 10am – 2pm

The Country Energy Ute Show will roar into Condobolin on the October Long WeekendUtes are set to converge on Condobolin this Sunday 3 October for the inaugural Country Energy Ute Show which is offering $1500 for the prestigious Country Energy ‘Ultimate’ Ute and over $3750 in cash and prizes across ten categories.
With a category for every kind of ute, all entries will go into the running for the prestigious Country Energy ‘Ultimate’ Ute title worth a cool $1000 for first and $500 for second place.
The day will start at 10am with Ute nominations currently open at a cost of $15 with all spectators on the day FREE! More information and registration forms can be downloaded from or by calling 02 6895 2422 or email
All utes interested in contesting the debut Country Energy Ultimate Ute and all other categories must be at the Condobolin Pony Club, Campdraft and Rodeo Grounds on Diggers Ave, Condobolin by 10am.

Eligible to the winners of each category.
Machine equipped to go country – camping gear, winches, radios, shovel, bull bar, tow bar, roll bar, aerials, side skirts, mega mud flaps, the more the better, you fit it we’ll judge it.
Must Run Must Go – need not have rego, but if not, must be transported, the more feral the better.
Change what you like, but must be street legal – the less it looks like the original the better.
As it sounds – the more original the better chance of a win.
Pimped and polished street machine, show piece – modified front to back, inside and out, underneath and on top, so come strut your stuff.
Guys you must be a girl. – This love machine must be registered to and shown by a girl.
Lets hear how it sounds – all categories of Ute eligible, speakers must be fitted inside the Ute. Also judged on wiring, sound quality & installation.
All categories eligible – Not the loudest Ute, but the sweetest sound.
Paintwork, if you have it, we want to see it – advertising or artwork, custom graphics or business promotional artwork.

The Australian Camper Trailer Group to visit Condobolin

The Australian Camper Trailer Group will hold their annual get together in Condobolin from Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October.
This annual get together will see 100 Camper Trailers in Condobolin for the week with 200 adults and 50 children who will camp at the Condobolin SRA Grounds.
Lachlan Shire Council’s Tourism Officer Amy Johnson said that it is wonderful for Condobolin to host this annual get together and encourages everyone to make our visitors feel welcome.
“Hosting the Australian Camper Trailer Group in Condobolin will showcase our town and inject money into the local business economy which is great,” said Miss Johnson.
“The Australian Camper Trailer members will wear their name tags while they are in town so please make them feel welcome in our community.”
From 2pm to 5pm on Wednesday 29 September the Australian Camper Trailer Group will be holding an open day at the SRA Grounds. All members of the Condobolin community are invited to the SRA Grounds to meet and greet members and to learn about the many different types and styles of Camper Trailers.
Event organiser Kevin Phillips said that with approximately 100 Camper Trailers expected, there will be quite a wide range of Camper Trailers on display including off-road, on-road, soft floored, hard floored and slide-on Camper Trailers
“100 Camper Trailers on display from right around Australia is a magnificent site and well worth a look for those who are keen campers and who enjoys holidays in the outdoors,” said Mr Phillips.
For further information or media interviews please contact the organiser of the event, Mr Kevin Phillips on 0427 264 603 or please visit the website

News in Brief


Tractor engines will once again start on the weekend of the 18 and 19 September for the 2010 Poppers in the Pines event held in the town of Burcher.
The event will feature a twilight vintage tractor pull and display, craft stalls, vintage engines, motor bikes, car and farm machinery and market stalls and static displays. More information on page 14.


Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Food Security, Fisheries and Forestry John Cobb MP has a new Media Advisor –  former local Condobolin girl Samantha Neal. She replaces Charles Croucher who is pursuing his journalism career in Darwin.
She is contactable via, via mobile 0438 300 101 or in the Orange Office 6361 7138.


It is National Stroke Week from September 13-19 and people need to act FAST.
FAST stands for Face, Arms, Speech and Time is critical – call 000 immediately.
The FAST message is designed to raise public awareness of the signs of stroke – Australia’s second biggest killer and a leading cause of disability.


Sixty-five students from 19 local schools will participate in a Western NSW Regional Final of the 2010 Premier’s Spelling Bee on Tuesday, 14 September. Lachlan Shire schools include: Condobolin Public, Tottenham Central and Tullamore Central.
The Dubbo ACKnowledge Centre is hosting the event, which is one of 38 regional finals being held across the State.
The Premier’s Spelling Bee encourages students from Government schools across NSW to focus on their spelling in a fun and competitive format.
The Winner of the Juniors is Madeleine Waller (Condobolin PS), runner up is Molly Baker  (Tottenham C. S).
The winner of the Seniors is Steven Holmes (Tottenham C. S.), runner up is Phoenix Aquila (Orange P. S.)


The annual Police Golf Day which raises money for charity will be held on Sunday 24 October with a special Melbourne Cup display up for auction.
The limited edition display shows Makbe Diva and Phar Lap and was donated by Senior Sergeant Neville Glover. Tickets are available at the station.


An effective learning initiative that is operating successfully in almost 60 schools across the Western NSW Region, including Condobolin, will go ‘on show’ at a forum in Orange on Thursday, 16 September.
The Positive Behaviour for Learning forum will give the schools a chance to review their progress and share ideas with other schools that are interested in adopting the initiative.
Guest speaker is Dr Tim Lewis (University of Missouri) who has been pivotal in assisting with the adaption of a similar United States program into New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Poppers in the Pines

Burcher's Poppers in the PinesBe Ready to Start your Engines for Poppers in the Pines 2010
Tractor engines will once again start on the weekend of the 18 and 19 September for the 2010 Poppers in the Pines event held in the town of Burcher.
The Burcher Progress Association in conjunction with the South West Antique Engine Society will hold this event for the fourth time to celebrate and provide insight into vintage tractors and agricultural engines.
The event will feature a twilight vintage tractor pull and display, craft stalls, vintage engines, motor bikes, car and farm machinery and market stalls and static displays.
Indications are that there will be strong support from stall holders travelling from a wide area. Some examples of items on display and sale are wood carvings, garden ornaments, antique items, chilli products, ceramics and wooden toys, strawberries galore, ice-cream products together with clothing and needlework. Importantly there are activities for children and the young at heart with two jumping castles, entrance fees for these will be affordable.
Volunteers will be supplying food and drinks throughout both days which includes a hot breakfast on Sunday, these will be at a nominal cost to patrons. The Corinella P&C will serve a hot meal on the Saturday night. The cost for this is $15 for adults and $12 for children.
Event organiser Bryan McKenzie is enthusiastic that this year will attract a large crowd thanks to the support of sponsors.
President Mr Crerar said “Poppers in the Pines is a strong event for our community and has been successfully organised for four years now thanks to the support of the South West Antique Engine Society, Burcher Hotel, Lachlan Shire Council and Barrick Gold. Importantly Industry & Investment NSW is providing major funding towards the cost of staging the event through the NSW Government’s Enterprising Regions Program.”
“It is thanks to this financial and in kind support that the Burcher community can showcase their achievements during the Poppers in the Pines event and also showcase the Lachlan Shire to the region as a place to visit for a weekend holiday or for a week or two with family and friends.”
Poppers in the Pines is an event with something for everyone over the weekend, with the tractor pull, kids activities, live music and a gold coin donation for entry to the event, this is certainly an event for the whole family,” said Mr Crerar.
For those who would like to participate in this event strict NHMA safety rules apply to all engines and tractors attending this meeting.
For more information on the Poppers in the Pines event, please contact Bryan McKenzie on (02) 6972 5296.

Chutes and Utes festival secures iconic Clydesdales

The iconic Carlton Clydesdales will visit Condobolin for the Professional Bull Riders Festival this October Long WeekendBy Sally Willoughby
In a major coup for the Condobolin Chutes and Utes Festival this October long weekend, the iconic Carlton Clydesdales will attend the Condobolin Professional Bull Riding Challenger Series event on Saturday 2 October.
The VB Gold ambassadors stand up to 18 hands high with the horses, and their dalmation dog Cassie, making the pilgrimage to Condobolin to showcase the genuine Carlton Brewery lorry laden with wooden barrels in their traditional heavy harness of yesteryear.
Carlton Breweries and United started using Clydesdales to transport beer from the breweries to the pub in 1864 up until just after the Second World War.
Despite not using them in a working capacity after this time, Carlton has never been without their Clydesdales with the horses now travelling around Australian promoting Carlton beers.
The Carlton Clydesdales Tom and Burt will visit Condobolin on Saturday 2 October with the unique clip clop and silky boots travelling through the town starting at the Royal Hotel from 11am.
They will be available at the Condobolin Pony Club, Campdraft and Rodeo grounds at 4pm for photographs before the PBR event starting at 6pm.
This year, Saturday’s PBR event will be held in conjunction with the Central Hope Cutters Red Dirt Championships and the inaugural Country Energy Ute Show on Sunday 3 September. With $1500 in cash up for grabs in the Country Energy Ultimate Ute category, Ute enthusiasts are encouraged to go to for more information or call 02 6895 2422.

The biggest Show ever for Condobolin

In the 125th year of Condobolin PAH & I Association (Show Society), there will indeed be something for everyone at this  year’s Condobolin Show to be held on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August.
Show secretary, Carol-Ann Malouf said, “We have probably never crammed so many wonderful attractions into one show, nor had so many celebratory highlights in the same year.
“For a start, the committee obviously did not have to look far for the person they would like to open this year’s Show.
The 116th Annual Condobolin Show will be officially opened by the 2010 The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl, Clare McDonald, who was also the 2009 Condobolin Showgirl.
At the opening ceremony you will be introduced to your 2010 Condobolin Showgirl, Georgina Sutherland and runner-up Amy Watt, who were announced at last Saturday’s Show Ball, and joining them will be the 2010 Young Achievers, a fantastic band of Condobolin youth who involve themselves in various stewarding roles at the Show after facing interviews the previous week.
It won’t be all sashing and speeches for Clare who, as a member of the Condobolin Show committee for the last couple of years, has stewarding duties which include organisation of the Sureway Employment & Training-sponsored Bushman’s Relay with $500 cash for the winning team.
To be staged in front of the bar area on the Show’s second night the challenge of the relay’s various stages causes great entertainment both for competitors and spectators. Entries should be made at the Secretary’s Office at the SRA Ground by 5 p.m. on the first night of the Show.
A major coup for this year’s show will be the staging of The Australian Wool Fashion Awards (TAWFA) parades. Now a major wool industry event the awards are designed to showcase the use of Merino wool by national and international fashion designers and students and TAWFA parades are a major feature of the Sydney Royal Easter Show with the national awards taking place at that venue.
All garments are “one-offs”, both young and innovative, with many created by young designers, secondary school or tertiary college students, all promoting wool to the consumer in a creative way.
“With TAWFA managing director, Liz Foster, a bus-load of models of the New England region and some 75 woollen garments heading for Condobolin, the parades should attract spectators from throughout the Central West,” said show president, Bruce Patton.
A Pied Piper's duck models a pink outfitTHE PIED PIPER SHOW
Fashion parades with a difference will be part of another major attraction, that of the Pied Piper Show.
Based on a reputation of some 25 years of delighting crowds throughout Australia at local and Royal shows, Brian Harrington’s feathered friends will waddle down another catwalk at this year’s Condobolin Show, parading the latest in designer and duck fashion.
Along the way colourful and talented ducks (yes, ducks) play musical chairs with their racing pig friends and when not parading will be wandering around the showground showing off the latest fashion trends. Visits will also be paid to local schools on the day prior to the Show.
Returning to Condobolin due to popular demand is Crocodile Encounters, sponsored by Country Energy, a mobile reptile display presented by recognised reptile expert, Mark Richmond who said, “This is a totally hands-on experience with members of the audience encouraged to handle the animals.
“All animals have been specially conditioned to take part in this kind of performance and will be selected from a range which includes a variety of lizards, pythons, turtles and fresh and saltwater crocodiles.”
The Show Society is also delighted to announce that our own acclaimed Condobolin Auto Sports Club members will be staging a performance following Saturday’s Grand Parade and Presentations. A great crowd favourite, this display will captivate everyone.
Another 2010 Condobolin Show highlight will be the Country Energy Kitchen providing cooking demonstrations throughout the second day, showcasing lamb recipes along with other quick and easy family favourites such as Chocolate Rocky Road and, demonstration chef, Tracey Tullier, will showcase her Chocolate Shots recipe of her well-known former Bathurst restaurant.
Regional general manager, Chas McPhail, said “Country Energy is proud to continue its long standing support of the Condobolin Show.
“We are a big part of the Condobolin community – our employees live and work in the area so investing in the future of the town is good business sense.”
Demonstrations will take place under the Country Energy marquee in the Ray Davis Memorial Skillion hourly during 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
With information available on energy efficiency, Show patrons can enter a draw at the kitchen site to win Energy Efficiency Packs valued at $250, $100 and $50.
Also playing “Pied Piper”, as they have done for over 50 years, Condobolin’s RSL Club Pipe Band supplemented by visiting band members of other centres will start their march in town through to the showground on the second day leading the procession of Show patrons to the ground.
New to the region – Carbon Expo
This year’s Show has been selected to host the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and Centroc Carbon Expo – an exciting new venture that will deliver climate adaptation advice into the communities of the Lachlan River catchment – to be found to the south of the pavilion along ringside.
As this year we celebrate 125 years since the formation of the Condobolin PAH & I Association, the display of trophies that was mounted for the Celebration of Condobolin last November will be on show in the main Pavilion and anyone who has a treasured trophy in the past is invited to contact the Show Secretary within the next few days if they would like this trophy displayed along with its background.
And there’s still more!
There is just too much happening at this year’s Condobolin Show to go into further detail – you really just have to be there!
However a suggestion is that you visit on Friday to cover the Pavilion and the large range of trade, machinery, agriculture displays and exhibitions, thus allowing time on Saturday to take in the various scheduled performances of our feature attractions as well as visiting those competitions that are only held on the Saturday, such as the Cattle and Poultry classes.
Don’t forget you can dine throughout the day at Bill and Colleen Doyle’s Restaurant off the main pavilion, savouring morning and afternoon tea, lunch and barbecue and wash it all down with a cleansing ale at the Show Bar.
Lachlan Shire Council has been busy for weeks preparing the showground and the Show Society is indebted to them for the genuine care and attention given by administrative and outdoor staff to presenting a spectacular backdrop for the greatest Show in the State.
As well, Heather Blackley and her Work for the Dole participants have again had great input in complementing the work of Council and the Show Committee in preparing the grounds for the many activities that will take place.
Help wanted!!
While the Show Society not only has a small band of willing Committee members and a band of wonderful volunteers (e.g. the stewards of the various classes in the Pavilion) as well as a number of enthusiastic and greatly appreciated High School students, and of course the dedicated Young Achiever entrants, numbers are increasingly lighter to cover all areas required to present your Condobolin Show, such a large and multi-faceted event.
Therefore, further volunteers are sought to help in such areas as showjumping rail-lifting and ground parking stewards. If you think you could spare a few hours to become actively involved, please call at the Showground Office or phone 6895 4025.

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